OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 24

First published in 1925, Streams in the Desert, compiled and written by One Mission Society cofounder and fourth OMS President, Lettie B. Cowman, is one of the most loved, best-selling devotionals of all time. In the more than 90 years since its publication, Streams has been published in 140 editions in English alone, and it has been translated into multiple languages. Fun 1 Facts Several One Mission Society missionaries are second- or even third-generation missionaries, often serving on the same field where they grew up or in the same homeland office where their parents worked. One current OMS family has mem- bers in the fifth generation living and serving in Asia. 2 3 1908 Juji Nakada One Mission Society has had only 11 presidents in its 118-year history; the four cofounders include Charles and Lettie Cowman, Ernest Kilbourne, and Juji Nakada, who led the mission before it was officially incorporated in 1911. The current OMS President is Bob Fetherlin. 1911 1924 Charles Cowman Ernest Kilbourne 1928 1949 1969 1982 1986 1992 2004 2014 Lettie Cowman Eugene Erny Wesley Duewel Ev Hunt Ed Erny JB Crouse David Long Bob Fetherlin 317.888.3333 PO Box A, Greenwood, Indiana 46142