OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 19

One Mission Kids The One Mission Kids team is passionate about helping to grow missionary hearts through providing resources designed to be used by parents, schools, churches, youth leaders, and camps. OMK assists them in taking the next steps to grow mission- ary hearts. OMK resources teaches kids about giving, going, and praying for missions. 57 Resources Prayer and witnessing tools • Interactive website OMK cartoon cast • Mission projects and more... In 2018, 63 yes to giving their lives to Jesus!! Billion.Global Billion.Global is a passionate vision to give ONE BILLION people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ by the year 2026. The vision orginated from a burden placed on the heart of Bob Fetherlin, the current President of One Mission Society. TLEAD kids said More than 1,000 kids trained $16,000 raised for missions (Theological Leadership Education and Discipleship) As the church grows exponentially in the majority world, so, too, does the need for Christian leaders. TLEAD exists to empower the development of Christ-like leaders for the global church and is committed to providing world-class leadership training and theo- logical education to students in the majority world. We do this through teaching fellows who partner with Bible col- leges, seminaries, and ministry training institutions; mobilizing theolog- ical education consultants; and leadership and discipleship development. TLEAD partners with 33 OMS-related schools and seminaries in 20 nations, touching the lives of more than Mercy, Inc. Mercy is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, focusing on compassion ministries. Although separate, OMS and Mercy are deeply committed to working together to ac- complish a shared mission. Because Mercy focuses on humanitarian work, they can more easily enter creative access countries that OMS cannot. 4,300 students enrolled in those training programs and moving to more online teaching for greater accessibility so more leaders can be trained. Ministries of One Mission Society 19