OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 17

Literacy Empowers Prisoners in Colombia A few years ago, the Colombian government invited Bridge to Reading (B2R), OMS’ international literacy ministry, to help teach prisoners to read. B2R staff trained a group of prison administrators, as well as several volunteers from Prison Fellowship Colombia in Medellín to serve as literacy tutors. A year later, the B2R team returned to offer a tutor training workshop inside Bellavista men’s prison, formerly one of the most violent prisons in the world. Afterward, the trainers led a voluntarily time of prayer. Almost everyone stayed. The B2R team prayed for the prisoners’ families for healing, provision, an end to loneliness, courage, and transformation. When one man stated, “I’m far from God,” B2R tutor Nathan shared the Gospel with him, and he prayed right there to receive Christ. In 2018, 1,717 students learned to read, 859 people made decisions for Christ, and 333 tutors were trained in three countries in Africa for the Bridge to Reading ministry. Lives Changed in Cuba “My name is Marian, and I am 28 years old. I fulfilled a governmental assignment in Brazil as a doctor. During my time there I met Jesus Christ as my Savior. I then returned to Cuba. When I returned home, I had the opportunity to share Jesus with my family. They were all immersed in spiritism. I am so thankful my sister began attending a house church with me. I am beginning to share my faith with others as well. God loves me! I have found perfect peace in Jesus. I wish my family all knew Jesus. Would you pray for them?” Wisley is 28 years old. Before he knew the Lord, he was involved in devil worship, womanizing, drank a lot, and had many other vices. About a year ago, God revealed himself to Wisley and rad- ically changed Wisley’s life as he responded to Jesus. Today, he serves the Lord in the church with his wife and baby daughter. He knew he was lost without Jesus, and each day he thanks God for his grace and mercy, showing him the way to the cross. Wisley’s main motivation in life now is to tell others about the Lord. Latin America 17