OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 13

Multiplication in India In the past couple of years, the Dynamic Women in Missions ministry has teamed up with the Every Community for Christ teams in train- ing and leading women in evangelism and church planting around the world. Several months ago, a team of female leaders journeyed to India to train women there. The team was asked to teach the church members how to share the Gospel with unbelievers; how- ever, they only had one hour to present the training. After opening with prayer, one young woman asked if she could share her testimony. Knowing time was limited, Pat replied, “Yes, if you can make your testimony short and concise.” Mariyal stood up and gave a beautiful 15-second testimony. Pat was amazed and told her, “That was a beautiful testimony! Who taught you to do that?” Mariyal pointed to her pastor’s wife, Jothi, who had been trained previously by the team and returned home to teach the other women in her church. What a blessing to see that transference of knowledge to others! Miracle in an Asian Town In one small town in Asia, a missionary was arrested for evangelizing the locals. Since it’s illegal to share the Gospel, a local police officer arrested him for sharing about Jesus Christ. The policeman took him to a jail and proceeded to berate and mock him for his faith; he even threatened to execute him for this crime. The missionary continued to pray during the entire harassment from the police and remained calm, even though his life was threatened. He offered the officer a chance to accept Jesus into his heart. The police- man declined but decided to wait until the next day to follow through with the execution. He started on his way home, leaving the imprisoned missionary in his cell for his final night. The locals of the town witnessed a supernatural event occur as the policeman was walking down the road. A tree branch suddenly broke off and struck the officer dead in the street. According to the witnesses, there was no wind and nothing that would logically explain the branch breaking off the tree the way that it did. After the tree branch fell and killed the man, the people ran back to the jail and released the missionary from his cell. Many of them were brought to faith that same night after witnessing the power of the Lord. Asia 13