OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 11

Training in Uganda In April 2018, Akello* attended a H ope 61 training program in Kiteezi, Uganda, to learn how to prevent human trafficking in his community. In H ope 61 training, participants learn what is causing people to be vulnerable to being trafficked. They also learn that EVERYONE has assets, skills, and resources to help those in their community who are vulnerable. Akello realized that young men in his region were vulnerable because they were uneducated and unable to obtain good employment to provide for their families. Many young men in this situation end up seeking work overseas, and this is one of the easiest traps traffickers use to enslave people. Akello also knew that he had a skill for furniture making and other types of woodworking. He decided to begin training these young men in carpentry and furniture-making skills as a way to reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking. He opened a storefront and called the business Blessed Furniture. At Blessed Furniture, these young men have learned to make beds and dressers, as well as more detailed woodworking like turning bowls and chalices on a lathe. They are making a good wage now and will soon have the skills to open their own businesses. The activity around the small shop is all based on the love of Jesus Christ, and the message of the Gospel is being shared with the young men working there and many other people who pass by. Akello understood as he ENGAGES ONE, HE IS ABLE TO REACH MANY. * Name changed. Sharing Christ in Kenya Nancy (right), a friend of OMS missionary Rahab Waweru (left) in Kenya, says she “lives to evangelize.” During a recent training workshop, Nancy felt a burden for the women serving in the kitchen of the guesthouse where OMS trainers were staying. She went to the din- ing room between meals and paced like an anxious child as she waited for the right opportunity to speak with them. Being obedient to the Lord, Nancy thanked the women for the excellent service they provided each day and shared with them that she was praying they would come to know Christ as their personal Savior. They were so sur- prised that someone actually noticed them and prayed for them. They told her they had noticed how much joy the OMS team showed at every meal time. They desired to have joy like that. Nancy then shared with them how they could have that same joy if they received Christ as their personal Savior. They accepted what she had to say and prayed to receive Christ. Praise the Lord for these two new lives in Christ and for Nancy’s obedience. Africa 11