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Intentional Harvesting

Ask any farmer , gardener , or lawn enthusiast ( such as my mom ) about the intricacies of nurturing plants , and each will affirm that weeds thrive effortlessly without any planting , cultivating , watering , or tending . Conversely , cultivating crops , growing vegetables , and maintaining vibrant lawns all demand deliberate watering , fertilization , and care . Devoid of intentional efforts , weeds overpower and diminish the yield .
As we , with God ’ s help , uproot spiritual weeds from our lives , God shapes us to fit into the distinctive purpose to which he has called us and allows us to bear fruit for his kingdom . By submitting to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and serving alongside others in his field , we make a meaningful contribution . Regardless of our individual roles in God ’ s overarching plan , one thing remains certain : “ The harvest is great , but the workers are few . So pray ... [ and ] ask him to send more workers into his fields ” ( Luke 10:2 , NLT ). One Mission Society ( OMS ) thanks the Lord for our missionaries and partners and the fruit he has provided while we pray for more .
As you read OMS ’ Global Impact Report , a testament to God ’ s fruitful harvest for 2022 and the first part of 2023 , you will get a glimpse into ministries facilitated by OMS ’ global network of denominations , partners , and missionaries . These stories exemplify our contribution to God ’ s harvest , and we diligently strive to complete the entrusted task of fulfilling the Great Commission .
With heartfelt gratitude ,
Jeffry Max Edwards President of One Mission Society
2 OMS Global Impact Report