OMG Digital Magazine OMG Issue 337 27th December 2018 - Page 5

OMG Digital Magazine | 337 | Thursday 27 December 2018 • PAGE 5 Confessions LOVE THE DRAMA JUST HAD MY FIRST NON- I think I over exaggerate and dramatize my life experiences because I want to have something wrong with me that I can overcome. I wish I could shape my life to how I want it to be. When people ask what I'm about I want to be able to say “I survived three bullets to my head and ran a marathon with only my socks as water bottles.” VEGAN MEAL IN TWO YEARS My husband and I decided we would only have a non-vegan meal every anniversary. I am full of regret that I've contributed to my suffering. Two years of not consuming any cholesterol or dairy were so hard. I just think I'm missing out on a lot by being vegan and the grass really isn't greener on the other side. I want to quit this lifestyle but my husband seems so content. STARTING A RELATIONSHIP COASTING IN LIFE IS HARD For as long as I can recall it feels like I just gave up on my own life and left myself on autopilot. I feel like I have no ambition, drive or desire and am nothing more than a defective product or empty shell. There are moments when it seems like I just feel trapped in a cage of my own mental design. Sometimes I end up trying something randomly for the experience but I'm always unable to fully commit to it because my own fickle based mentality gets the better of me. I have no idea how people form relationships. I don't know how they share affection, intimacy, interests and fall in love. It seems quite simple but at age 33, I have never been in love and I don't think I could ever learn those traits.