OMG Digital Magazine OMG Issue 333 29nd November 2018 - Page 5

OMG Digital Magazine | 333 | Thursday 29 November 2018 • PAGE 5 I CLICK ON PLANE MODE TO HANG UP ON THEM... Whenever a girl is extensively boring or just doesn’t know when a conversation is over & I’m done with the call instead of being human & saying I want to hang up or even attempt lying, I just click it. I click plane mode & boom, disconnects naturally & it’ll say call failed...I’ll then later say my phone died lol oops. Confessions I LET MY LITTLE BABY BROTHER TO USE THE MIC I’m sorry for the destruction of what he did to your ears but he won’t be quiet. he wants to talk to the classes/characters in Team fortress 2 or Gmod “let me talk to the cartoon” which I do, but it’s so cute as he tries to talk to the classes as if he thinks it’s the voices are from the characters. This is not serious but just wanted to say something. SO, THIS IS VERY LIGHTHEARTED BUT... I have a parrot, I love him, he's totally chill, but when he gets scared or excited and whatnot, he has a fucking spas attack seizure whatever and just goes nuts for a few seconds, but some of his down feather flies off into the air, and because it's so light, it just floats in the air upwards of hours at a time. Now that you have a little bit of context or whatever, I'll get to the actual story. So I went to sit down at my kitchen table, as one does, and I tipped the chair, and it scared my bird. So he had his usual freak-out thing, and like 30 minutes later, I saw some feather in the air, and I just suctioned it out of the air and ate it. I've been doing this for like a week and idk but yeah now everyone knows I eat bird feathers. I Feel Good for Once i have really bad anxiety that at times in my life has been crippling so even though i love singing i was always too afraid to do it in public recently ive been practicing privately and gotten up the nerve to practice in public (or, quietly when no ones around) to try to build up confidence and a nice pretty girl caught me and told me i had a beautiful voice and i almost burst into tears i was so happy.