OMAzing: Manchester University Office of Multicultural Affairs Spring 2018 - Page 3

r r ani ati ns AAA seeks to spread awareness about Asian culture to the campus and local Manchester community, to initiate dialogue among members about current issues regarding Asian culture, politics and technology in the United States or around the world, and to help all students of color feel more at home at Manchester - this is a common goal that we share with all of OMA. AAA meets at 8 pm. every other Wednesday in the Intercultural Center. The mission of ASA is to reach out to the Manchester community about various African cultures, norms, foods, and history. We aim to do this through our own African students as they share their ideas and experiences to educate the community on various crucial political, economic, and social issues happening in Africa. We also aim to dispense any inaccurate stereotypes associated with Africa. ASA meets at 8:30 pm. on Thursday’s in the Intercultural Center. BSU seeks for members to feel like OMA is a second home while they make their adjustment to college as a whole, to educate the Manchester Community on African American history and culture, and to encourage and promote the University s commitment to diversity. BSU meets on Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm in the Intercultural Center. The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to order promote unity amongst Hispanic students and share cultural experiences. We want to bring awareness to the Latin experience at Manchester University as well as the community. We want to promote awareness, discussion, discussion and education about Hispanic life and culture. HU meets at 8 pm every other Monday in the Intercultural Center. MUIA aims to provide an opportunity for the exchange of culture and traditions and foster friendly relations between international and domestic students as well as those in the Manchester University community. We also provide support and are sensitive to the needs of International Students at Manchester University. Most importantly, we are an open and inclusive student organization that strongly encourages all to broaden their perspective of the world they live in. MUIA meets every other Wednesday at 8 pm in the Intercultural Center. United Sexualities and Genders (USG) strives to support the campus' LGBTQ population. The club provides a confidential atmosphere for the safety and comfort of every attendee. The focus of meetings is to learn about the LGBTQ community, provide emotional support, and to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience. US meets on Tuesday nights at 9 pm in the Student Activities Center (SAC). 3