Old Pocklingtonian 2019/2020 - Page 7

“ Make sure you ’ re doing something that you love and success will follow ”
IN THE SPOTLIGHT successfully proven that you can combine purpose with profit . We ’ ve activated some of the most fantastic events and challenges for large companies . My favourite challenge was ‘ Mind over Mountains ’ for Barclays – we took 100 Barclays employees to The Himalayas and raised funds for Mental Health Charities . We took Mental Health Ambassadors with us – trekked 100km and we sat around the campfire talking about our own mental health . It was the most refreshing experience and incredibly rewarding , particularly raising over 100,000 USD for mental health charities around the world .
“ Make sure you ’ re doing something that you love and success will follow ”
You were the Winner of Women Leading Change in Asia – congratulations ! What did it mean to you to win the award ? What impact did it have ? Thank you ! I won this award two years ago – when Just Challenge had first come onto the scene . It was a lovely award – sometimes when you set up your own business , and you don ’ t have anyone to report into , it can be a little lonely and you often don ’ t get the recognition . It was nice to be recognised for the hard work that had gone into the business – and it inspired me to keep going .
The business seemed to be expanding and going really well when Covid-19 hit earlier this year .
What was the impact of the pandemic on Just Challenge and how are you navigating the business through this ? Yes . I have faced multiple challenges with the business but not on the scale of dealing with Covid-19 . We have had to postpone all our events and campaigns for the foreseeable future , we ’ ve lost a number of our expanded team to redundancies and it ’ s been incredibly hard to navigate in terms of cash flow . The important thing to remember is that the situation we ’ re navigating is completely out of our control – and we can only do our best , ensuring that all our decisions are made with integrity and kindness . It ’ s important to communicate with stakeholders , employees and clients at all times . We ’ ve pivoted into supporting our clients in their virtual events , purpose consultancy and driving health and wellbeing , which has enabled us to keep the business running through this challenging time . It has certainly impacted the upwards trajectory we were on though !
What are your plans for the future ? Who knows ! I don ’ t like to overthink it . I love Asia and imagine that I ’ ll be based here for a while . I ’ m getting married next year which is super exciting . I hope the world opens up again and I can focus on continuing to grow the business .
What are your favourite memories of school ? Were there any particular teachers who inspired you ? Sport ! I loved the social element and teamwork . I must admit , I used to leave everything to the last minute . Particularly revision . My absolute favourite teacher was Mr Loten ( TLo ) who spent about 48 hours with me before my A Level Maths in the boarding house getting me through all the revision , as I hadn ’ t done nearly enough work ! I am forever grateful for that – without him I am sure I wouldn ’ t have got the grades I needed to get into Newcastle University !
What skills or attributes did you learn from school that have helped you through your career ? Resilience . Determination . Communication . I did a public speaking course at school which I think really helped me with my career – it ’ s important to be able to communicate clearly to your peers through your career .
What career advice would you give to younger OPs or sixth formers ? Make sure you ’ re doing something that you love , and success will follow . It ’ s very hard to succeed in something you don ’ t enjoy . I loved Business Studies at school and hence was able to put that into practice working in marketing and setting up my own business . Living abroad really throws you out of your comfort zone – but I genuinely believe that nobody grows within their comfort zone , and it ’ s important to push your own boundaries sometimes .
How do you relax ? Horse riding – I ’ ve just picked it up after ten years and do that every day now – which gives me an hour a day to focus on something else other than work . I also do heaps of exercise which I think is great for both physical and mental wellbeing .
Any other tips or advice ? Find a brilliant mentor that is going to support you through school and your career . Somebody that ’ s really invested in helping you achieve what you want to achieve . Nobody gets to the top on their own , surround yourself with smart people that can help you get there . That ’ s exactly what I did and I am forever grateful for the people that helped me with my academic career , my HSBC career and subsequently , my business Just Challenge . I am happy to mentor anyone that is inspired by my story !
Thank you Lucy !