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Dear Old Pocklingtonians ,
Since taking on the role of Headmaster at Pocklington School I have been overwhelmed by the level of engagement Old Pocklingtonians show in their alma mater . Having now managed the odd weekend jaunt into the local area , I can quite confidently say that OPs pop up in the most unexpected of places ! What they all have in common is a pride in their school , an interest in what is going on and a desire to support in whatever way possible . I have worked in four superb schools but have never before come across such strength of feeling amongst a former pupils ’ association . I am proud of this aspect of Pocklington but in some ways I am not that surprised . The overwhelming feedback I receive from prospective , current and former students , parents and staff is that the “ feel ” of Pocklington is something very special . It is therefore not surprising that this emotion continues post-Pocklington and draws out real strength of feeling amongst our former pupils , colleagues and parents .
Rachel Dare ( OP Liaison Officer )
Welcome to the 2019-20 issue of the Old Pocklingtonian magazine ! You may notice that it is a little shorter than usual . This is a consequence of lockdown which as you can imagine has limited OP activity considerably ! Despite this , we have done our best to bring you a good mix of news , features and updates about OPs and the school , which we hope you will enjoy reading .
In terms of the current situation , it has been ( and still is ) a difficult time for many families and businesses affected by the pandemic . The OP Association has not been completely immune , with all events since March including several highly anticipated year group reunions either postponed or cancelled . Technology has helped us to discover new ways of doing things , such as Zoom committee meetings and the OP President ’ s welcome to the Class of 2020 leavers via video link ! We will also be looking at holding some virtual events in the coming months . However , I do look forward to a time when we can safely resume our programme of social and sporting events and we can see OPs face-to-face again – whenever that may be .
Please keep in touch . If you ’ re not already on our email list to receive the monthly OP news bulletin , please contact us so we can update your details and add you to the mailing list ; this really is a great way of keeping up to date in between magazines and the best way of finding out about rescheduled events and the latest OP and school news .
The arrival of a new Headmaster brings a range of challenges and opportunities . I have tried at all times to take a fresh look at how things are done at Pocklington , always seeking to balance the many excellent existing aspects of school life with things I feel we could do that little bit better . The school is in excellent shape with many outstanding features . Without doubt one of these is the Old Pocklingtonian Association . Having attended OP drinks and celebrations , witnessed the competitive spirit at the OP rugby and hockey events and marvelled at the generosity of spirit that helped deliver the superb Art and Design Centre , I can confidently say that the organisation is thriving . The tennis court is something of a second home to me and so I was sorry to miss the Summer Reunion 2019 that coincided with OP tennis and cricket matches . I shall make a point of including it in my diary next year .
The future at Pocklington School is bright . We are excited about the development of our new Strategic Education Plan and the new energy and focus that will bring . Our recent parents ’ survey demonstrated just how positively our parents view the school though we were equally delighted to receive some clear guidance on areas they felt could be improved . In September , we embarked on a period of consultation with a view to launching our new aims , ethos and values in January 2020 . As part of this process , we sought the views of the OP committee members at their meeting last November to ensure we had input from an OP perspective . We are also looking forward to launching our legacy and bursary campaigns . These two initiatives will play a key role in widening access to Pocklington School , aiming to give all children the chance to experience a flying start in life , in the form of a Pocklington School education . We would be delighted to hear from you should you feel able to support either of these causes .
May I take this opportunity to wish you , your family and friends a happy and healthy year ahead . I hope to see you again soon at Pocklington and thank you for your support .
Thank you and best wishes to you all .
Toby Seth , Headmaster
Rachel Dare OP Liaison Officer

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