Oklahoma Scenes Spring 2020 - Page 5

Celebrating 50 Years Of Auctioneering Photos Taken By The Stillwater NewsPress s mD Submitted By Tom D. Berry Auctioneer & Broker Stillwater, OK 1-405-372-2466 I have been in the auction business since 1970. I can’t believe it myself! I have had the priviledge of selling all kinds of real estate and assorted personal property. I have had the honor to conduct or participate in thousands of auctions in the last fi fty years. There have been many changes over the years. When I started, auctions were a novelty event, now the auction platform is one of the most accepted marketing platforms. Like all businesses more and more reliance is being placed on computers and digital communications. Yet after over thousands of years the public still has a fascination with open oral public auctions. I was one of, if not the fi rst, auctioneers to advertise in the Shop ‘N Swap Advertiser. My friend, Mark Thomas, previous manager of Shop ‘n Swap got me started years ago. Now the Shop ‘N Swap is the auction publication of choice in North Central Oklahoma. I love auctioneering and enjoy doing it. I enjoy the action and dealing with people. It’s satisfying to see people buy something of value that they can use over a number of years. With Respect, Tom D. Berry, Auctioneer Stillwater, OK 1-405-372-2466 Photo Taken By Anesa K. Chastain Jones Spring Scenes | March 2020 | Page 5