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S pri pring n is here in Oklahoma! Which means it is time to open all t the windows and get to deep cleaning! As a Mother of t two w children, I spend most of my time picking up after t them, hem along with my husband and father-in-law and 4 lovely dogs s who have a cat sidekick. Clearly, this means I am more than quali qualifi ed to write about cleaning as it seems a never-ending journey. ey “T “The Kitchen Sink” is my way of sharing the tips and tricks I am learning along the way. tr During D ring m my Spring cleaning I like to do a Deep clean of things that get pu th put on the back-burner. Also, I go through my house a te clothes the kids have outgrown, toys, basically nd dona and donate e everything we do not need to our local non-profi t that supports the local co th community. My favorit favorite home organization book, “A Bowl Full of Lemons” b m y Toni Ha by Hammersly, suggests making a checklist room by room. I love a g oo checklist. Using a list allows you to focus, organize good a nd deep c and clean over a few weekends. This way you don’t get o verwhelm by taking on too much in one weekend. When overwhelmed m he checklist, don’t forget the baseboards, ceiling fans, aking t the making li light ht fi xtures. t Schedule to clean behind your kitchen appliances, especially the coils on the refrigerator where dust likes to collect By Misty Crouse and can shorten the life of the appliance. This is the perfect time Contributing Columnist to rearrange, repair or replace any furniture while cleaning under all the furniture, too. I’ve created a checklist from some of the best I’ve seen that you can use as a jump starter for your own. My recommended cleaning products are usually easy to pick up locally and don’t need to be expensive. Microfi ber towels are amazing for dusting books, wall art, and electronics. Microfi ber towels are a staple in my home not just for cleaning! They are super absorbent and great to have on hand to quickly clean up behind my little cup spillers. When it comes to windows, white vinegar and old newspapers can’t be beat for sparkling windows. Try a Mr. Clean Eraser for any stuck-on dirt or artwork the children have gifted me with. To me, bleach just makes everything smell clean and fresh. Not everyone would agree with me, and if you are one of those have no fear, I have an excellent alternative for you! Pine-Glo Disinfectant comes in a few different fragrances and is about a dollar. I use it for my wood fl oors, spray on my microfi ber towel for dusting, or just mix up a spray bottle for my kitchen counters and anywhere that needs disinfecting. For soft surfaces I recommend unfl avored Vodka! Unfortunately, not for a cocktail while cleaning, but it is excellent for getting those smells my children and dogs drag in. Add to a spray bottle and a few sprays later and that pesky fi do + kid smell is gone. When deep cleaning there is one important Item that is usually forgotten about. Your Mattress!! How to clean it? Simply strip off sheets and mattress cover, Mix 1 1:1 1 Bl B l ue D lue Da a aw wn w Blue Dawn lightly sprinkle with a little bit of baking soda and wait Dish sh Soap With White about an hour, then vacuum it away. After, I like to Vinegar negar To Clean Hard lightly spray the mattress with a fabric refresher or with Water Stains a relaxing essential oil - just enough to give it a nice fresh clean smell. Living in Oklahoma means 0we must deal with hard water. I have a “best kept secret” that will rescue you from scrubbing the day a way. In a spray bottle, mix 1:1 of Blue Dawn Dish soap and white Vinegar. Shake attres tt res resss, St S Stri Str t ip i p The Bed Of To Clean Your r M Mattress, Strip and spray in the shower and bathtub, wait 10 mins, nkle Mattress With Baking Sheets, Sprinkle scrub and rinse. Unless you have been gifted with n Hour And Vacuum Soda, Wait An Vacuum. Spray extremely hard water, once should do the trick. When With Fabric Refresher Or Essential Oil. it comes to hard water stains in the toilet, I recommend disinfecting with your favorite toilet cleaner then grabbing a Pumie Scouring stick for the remainder of the hardwater stains. Works like a charm every time. My best advice is to take your time, put on ay y Pe P Pes esk es e ky k y Od Odo d dors Away Spray Pesky Odors your favorite playlist and take it in spurts not to On Surfaces With Su n Soft S get overwhelmed. Use my checklist to keep tasks Unfl avored U Unflavore red e Vodka manageable. Pick just one area and focus on tasks that apply. Check in with me on our upcoming quarterly editions in the Summer, Fall and Winter for more seasonal tips and tricks to make your home a usic usi i c P Pl l ay li lis layl lay l i t Will list W A M Music Playlist haven. Help With W Spring Sprin n ng The Kitchen Sink Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Happy Cleaning! Cleaning. Cle eaning Please remember to check all labels before mixing any cleaning products. Never mix bleach with vinegar, ammonia, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. If you are unsure do your research. The off-label use of cleaning products is 100% at your own risk. Clean responsibly. 14 | Spring Scenes | March 2020