Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Vol 14 Issue 3 - Page 8

Then • Now • Future Part Four Of Six Part Series Folks this is the fourth of a six-part series of MY OPINION on Motorcycle Clubs, I will use NO names and no actual events that are not already in the public domain. I am sure there will be folks that say I have my dates off, and this and that, but in my defense, I was not alive in the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. And just a kid in the 60’s & 70’s. So for these time frames I have to rely on what I have read, and what I have been told, basically the research that I have done. Although a few facts may be misplaced and a few dates off, basically this will be as factual and as vague as possible. We now come into what I consider the modern age of clubs. As we covered last time, the Confederation of Clubs (COC) peace was shaky at best. But it was certainly better than nothing. But it became less and less effective, as many clubs especially start ups did not wish to belong to the COC and abide by the guidelines the COC was based on. Clubs formed from disgruntled ex- Oklahoma biker the riders ragazine members of other clubs started joining non-COC clubs and starting up their own clubs. This became a recipe for disaster. Just like the alphabet boys that were against clubs, these new types of clubs ran the same way. The guys at the top most likely know the truth, but pass down a narrative to the guys under them that is slightly twisted. And that’s why everyday Law Enforcement (LE) look down on and try at every chance to “catch” a biker. Like I said, they ain’t choir boys, so catching some of them for small stuff is pretty easy. Speeding, loud pipes, lights, handle bars, minor possession, etc. all seem trivial, but it adds up. I remember reading a club member testimony, where he actually said his club did not belong to the COC because they could not afford dues of a hundred dollars per year per member. Everyone that belongs to a COC club knows those numbers are total BS, but this guy did not make them up. Someone above him had to give him this info. And just when does BS become the truth? Whenever some uninformed person believes it! So here 8