Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Vol 14 Issue 3 - Page 22

have over 15 years later. (And trust me when I say they really have had a work out). A full faced helmet is awesome in the rain! (yes, I know you live in a no helmet law state and it’s your right to decide.) How about you check your ego at the beginning of the wall cloud? A helmet in the rain sure sucks a lot less than getting pelted in the face with rain drops at highway speed. A change of clothes (footwear included), it sure sucks having to stomp around all day in soaked boots. For you “Big front wheel” guys who have chop top tour packs and speakers in your saddlebags and for the FXR riders. They make a waterproof bag that I can tell you works really well and doesn’t take up much room. Enough on the rain gear info. Here’s what absolutely baffles me. I don’t understand how a simple thunderstorm That time of the year is upon us! Spring watch in a forecast can trigger someone time, or around here, the time of the to freak out and panic so badly. I know, year when weather can get a little rough I know, “But Tank, you don’t understand and unpredictable at the drop of a hat. what I’ve been thru”.... But before you I have been one that always worked tell me about how seriously tormented out in the weather, so by the nature of you are from the storm you went thru, my job, I became a semi-pro weather let me tell you that I’ve lived thru a geek. I learned how to read a weather couple of pretty bad storms myself, like map, common patterns of storm and the Joplin tornado (along with many, what to look for in the sky. It has served many other twisters having lived most me well not only well at my job, but as of my life in tornado alley), two direct hit a motorcycle rider. Being able to look hurricanes, some really crazy weather at and understand a weather radar while at sea during my time in the map can mean the difference between Navy and some winter craziness you staying dry, needing rain gear and can’t even fathom. So yes, I’ve seen staying put! my share of the worst of the worst and I seriously still get excited about the Here are a couple of simple things to carry that will make that wet day on the pending weather. scooter a little more tolerable. Throw have half a dozen people or so that a half way decent set of rain gear in are on my friends list on social media, your tour pack or saddlebags. It doesn’t that simply lose their shit and go into a need to be Harley Davidson high end full panic the minute the forecast (not gear. In fact, after my Harley gear failed the radar) calls for anything other than me, I went to Bass Pro and got some light sprinkles. You can just bet they good rain gear for fishing that I still are going to start posting about how TANK’S RANT oklahoma biker the riders ragazine 22