Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Vol 14 Issue 3 | Page 9

lies the comparison, LE’s pass down BS, so everyday cops think clubs are the Mafia on wheels (which they are not), and this new breed of club leaders pass down BS to members about how corrupt the COC’s are which again is total BS! And now we are seeing the result, kind of no protocol, every club for itself, clubs offending other clubs with no remorse, the list is endless. It must stop somewhere if clubs are to continue as they have been for many years. Actually clubs cannot continue as they have, they are going to have to make some changes to survive. At some point, the clubs are going to have to face up to the fact of just how bad the alphabet boys want to take them down, and the lengths they will go to accomplish it. Just look at all the time and money the Gov’t spent on trying to oklahoma biker the riders ragazine take a club’s insignia. Then look at the last RICO trial from San Antonio, guys got multiple life sentences w/o plus numbers, without physical evidence, just testimony from convicts to get a lesser sentence. It’s really strange to me, that a man can admit to killing another, and then say he was told to do it, and get probation, and the man he “SAID” told him to do it gets life without parole. The point I am trying to make is, not only are clubs having problems with each other, the United States Government has declared war on them! Next issue, I will try to explain what can be done to stop this never ending saga. Keep The Wheels Down, Anonymous 1% Biker 9