Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Vol 14 Issue 3 | Page 23

they hate storms, how they are not a fan of this weather and that everyone should be ready to take cover. First, if you’re that afraid of a rain storm or are triggered into terror mode by a simple forecast, you should probably move to somewhere that doesn’t — I’m not sure — I guess that doesn’t have weather events. Second of all, what good does it do you too post for the whole world to see how terrified you are? What is your point in posting this? Did you ever stop and think that while you’re posting all of the “Chicken Little” the end is near, gloom and doom stuff that you could be oklahoma biker the riders ragazine triggering someone else’s PTSD for no other reason than the fact that you can’t deal with a “potential” storm and felt the need to post your inner most thoughts on the Book of Faces? Relax, sit back and let God handle this. When your times up, your times up. Life’s too short to stress yourself and all your friends out over the “chance” of a storm. Enjoy life! It’s always better when you can just dance in the rain. Tank 23