Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Vol 14 Issue 3 | Page 13

dying, 20 or more wounded (requiring a trip to the hospital). Whatever was planned that day did not go according to plan. LE eventually got the scene under control (about 90 seconds after it started), and the wounded eventually got taken to the Hospital (no hurry), and everyone present was rounded up by LE and detained for questioning. The District Attorney then took over and said, “we don’t need no stinkin’ investigation” arrest them all -- it was a big conspiracy. Subsequently 177 folks, most of them guilty of nothing at all, were arrested and held on 1 million-dol- lar bonds. I am sure the DA thought if all were arrested, given big bonds and threatened with life in prison, some of them would start talking. However that never happened. Although 155 were indicted in a secret grand jury that was not recorded. Why you might ask, out of that many people why would not even one of them talk? Because there was nothing to say! I think everyone was surprised at the way things went. Except maybe LE, after all they set up cameras ahead of time to record it. Then there was the spin, immediately after the confrontation LE had several press conferences to tell their fantasy of what happened. Then a Judge, an old college buddy and former law partner of the DA issued a gag order so the bikers could not tell their side of the story. It is worth noting that I do not believe that this particular Judge made a single ruling in this matter that was upheld by the appellate court, and this was no exception. The gag order was overturned but about 2 months later, so it actually did its purpose, by then this issue was no longer front-page oklahoma biker the riders ragazine news. After nearly 3 years of talking, 1 case finally went to court. I am surprised the DA’s office did not go to jail for all the “Brady Violations” (withholding evi- dence). But then again guess who the Judge was, yes sir, the DA’s old buddy. Trial eventually ended in a mistrial, and was not retried. After that the DA lost his reelection bid, and in some last ditch effort to save face dropped the charges on all but 24 people and superseded their indictments to rioting and other violations (superseding an indictment is not permitted in Texas). Then a Judge (not the DA’s buddy) ruled that the lame duck DA could not proceed on any of the cases; that would be for the new DA to decide on. Several cases during all this the DA had recused his office from, and 2 Special Prosecutors had been assigned. All of these cases were dropped with both separate Special Prosecutors after reviewing the cases, saying there was no reason they were ever filed. Now enter the newly elected DA, and his new staff. After reviewing the evidence for 3 months, the remaining 24 cases were dropped. So no one was held account- able for the Waco Twin Peaks fiasco. The reason the new DA gave for the dismissals, were the Statute of Limita- tions were up on everything but Mur- der, and there was simply not enough evidence to convict anyone of Murder. He basically said that the former DA screwed the pooch! The last 24 spent 1415 days in this mess, in custody, on bond restrictions etc. People lost jobs, money and even families over this. What an abuse of power! Anonymous Biker 13