Oklahoma Biker - The Riders Ragazine Jan-Feb 2019 - Page 10

The Ultimate Cop Out I am sure you have all read the praises from the MPP (Motorcycling Profiling Project), ABATE, AMA, and many others about the passage of Senate Bill 154. The millions of dollars spent on getting it done. All the hard work and hours of lobbying required. But what exactly was accomplished? After years of lobbying, millions of dollars spent, thousands of man hours used, the AMA convinced the Senate to agree on something. Senate Resolution 154 urges state law enforcement offi- cials to condemn motorcyclist profiling in their policies and training materials. The resolution also calls for increased “awareness of motorcyclist profiling and encourages collaboration and communi- cation with the motorcycling community and law enforcement officials to prevent instances of profiling.” Now, the Senate has taken a big step further to help end the discriminatory and ineffective practice of profiling motorcyclists.” But the resolution does not have the force of law. Sounds to me like peeing your pants, gives you a warm feeling, but accomplishes nothing! This is not a law against profiling; it is a suggestion at best. So if suggestions work, why do we have laws in the first place? With this kind of logic, we should draft a measure to “Urge” people, and “Encourage” people, not to commit murder, with no conse- quences if they do it anyway. I bet the murder rates would fall dramatically in a short time. Did I mention I sell real estate, if you believe that crap, I got some beach front in AZ for sale cheap! I was not conned, I read the resolution, as should all of you. We were sold a bill of goods, and the only ones to come out on top were the Lawyers that put this together. And to some point the Law Enforcement that will continue to profile without conse- quence. Loud Pipes Save Lives, Concerned “Biker” WINTERIZING YOUR MOTORCYCLE 1. Wash Your Bike. 2. Change the Oil and Filter. 3. Over inflate Tires by 5 to 10 Pounds to Keep Them from Getting Flat Spots. 4. Stabilize the Fuel System. 5. Remove the Battery and Place it on a Battery Tender. 6. Cover Your Motorcycle. After winterizing, don’t start your bike again until spring. Once you start it back up ride through the full tank of gas before refueling. oklahoma biker the riders ragazine 10