OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 3

Table of Contents Directory (4-5) OJCLove (6-10) An OJCL Worth Remembering The Importance of the OJCL to My High School Experience  What They Don't Tell You About National Convention  Latinae Amicitiae  OJCL Convention (11-15) 5 Tips on Surviving Your First OJCL Convention What You Should Expect at Your First OJCL Convention  10 Best Things to Do at Convention  4 Essentials for Convention  OJCL Chapters (16-18) Saturnalia  A Tribute to the Columbus Academy Latin Club  Ursuline Update  Voices (19-24) Imperfect Sheep  Mythology Conspiracy Theory Whips  Monsters Classical Effects on Beauty Upcoming Events and Deadlines (25-26)