OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 24

Beauty trends and the fashion world are altered season after season. Consumers never know what will come out next. Working in a clothing store myself, there are many times where I wonder what will be the next big thing. However, not many people think about where designers find inspiration for their lines. Fashion and beauty can actually be traced back to the Greeks and Romans, from the colors, to the fabrics and even the style of items people still wear today. The beauty trends or makeup that they used is similar to how many get ready today. Looking into the world of fashion, there are so many connections to the Greeks and Romans. This starts with the fabrics that were available for the clothing: wool, silk, and cotton. In today’s industry, these fabrics are a main component in a lot of companies, designs, and clothing. For example, at Pacific Sunwear, many of the carried lines (such as Kendall and Kylie or Lottie Moss) have many sweaters that are wool, or tops that are cotton. Besides the type of fabric there is also the styles that have continued through time. These instances occur in loincloths, which were worn by slaves, are our basic belts that I and Classical Effects on Fashion and Beauty 1st Hanna Zandvikili, Indian Hill many other people wear for style, and shoes like Soleaes, which were mainly worn around the house. Today, you would see Soleaes as the strappy sandals, that are popular among teen girls. Skincare trends are also similar. To start, skincare for the Greeks was olive oil, used to beautify the skin. This is a lot like many of the new serums with certain vitamins that people use to nourish the skin in the hopes of blurred and perfected skin. There is also the makeup aspect, which consists of the Greeks using white lead to paint their faces because they believed that pale skin was a sign of prestige and beauty. Today, many people do use foundation in the hopes of a shade that matches the skin or a bit darker. The eyes are also a focus. Ancient people stained them with black powders and used charcoal, soot and ashes as eyeliner, brow filler and eyeshadow. Much like the smokey eyeshadow looks with any kind of liner with a full brow seen in today's makeup world. It’s interesting to see the parallels from different places and times in the view of fashion and beauty. To see the trends that have been kept the same, slightly altered or changed entirely is an interesting history lesson that the world and the classics has to offer.