OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 20

Mythology Conspiracy Theory North Gubernator Emma Davis, Medina If Latin students are in agreement upon anything, I think it is more than fair to say Zeus is the worst. However, there is often debate on who the actual best godly parent is. For my part, I believe the prize goes to Athena. She’s clever, strong-willed, and knows exactly what to do in almost any situation. That being said, no god or goddess is perfect, obviously. But one thing Athena often receives blame for that I don’t think is fair is that of the case with Medusa. We all know the myth; they were in Athena’s temple when Poseidon cruelly tried to force himself upon Medusa, who was unable to protect herself. As a result, she was transformed into a beast with snakes for hair and a stone-cold gaze to petrify mankind. However, I am among those who believe that Athena actually was trying to protect Medusa from Poseidon’s cruelty. It is an argument which makes perfect sense when you think about it! I cannot foresee why Athena, who is relatively known for supporting women, would blame Medusa for the cruelty of another man. Think about it, JCL-ers! Athena wished to protect Medusa from the assault of those unworthy of her affections ( and certainly unworthy of stealing them!)  Thus, she transformed her into a creature who could protect herself. Previously she was a damsel who felt she couldn’t take care of herself--Athena gave her a way to protect herself so that she could never be found incapacitated again.