OJCL Torch Spring Torch 2019 - Page 10

A Classical Counterculture 2nd Vice President Andrew Cahall, Columbus Academy I’d like to congratulate so many of you for attending the 69th OJCL convention, and even if you didn’t, for being a member of the JCL Not only did you bravely swear off learning Latin - at the very least - is a any prospect of sleep for these days, worthwhile experience. you made a statement. However, there are many who would We know how valuable foreign seem to disagree. languages -especially Latin - are for Sure, studies show the benefits of our edification and “total growth.” It’s investment in foreign language. Yet, in the creed we say at every General study after study shows enrollment and Assembly, every time we’re together. interest in foreign languages rapidly Study after study illustrates the declining. numerous benefits that taking a If your school is anything like mine, foreign language can have on one’s you know this all too well; we development. In fact, you wouldn’t be Classicists, our discipline, and our reading this if you didn’t  painstaking translation efforts don’t believe it; if you didn’t think that get much respect anymore.  10