Oil & Gas Innovation Summer 2020 Digital | Page 45

The SEAS Large Box core system provides a box sample 50cm x 50cm x 50cm (0.125m³). The Box core samples provide large undisturbed sediment samples suitable for environmental studies, macro benthic fauna analysis and geotechnical analysis. Our deep water vibrocore system pushes the limits of vibrocore sampling to 3000m, well beyond the capabilities of most of our competitors. When coupled with our multicore MPS3000 platform our deep water VC2000T provides a unique opportunity to acquire samples in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The MPS3000 system can collect 10 core samples from one deployment off the vessel. This capability considerably reduces winch time required to and from the sea floor making the equipment very cost effective. The MPS3000 system can host numerous additional sensors to meet client specifications. With realtime video feedback the coring procedure can be closely monitored. The cameras fitted with pan & tilt function can be turned outward to monitor the seafloor surface environment enabling valuable benthic habitat assessment. The MPS3000 has both low light black & white cameras in addition to a colour focus and zoom camera with additional lighting. SEAS VC-700 on LARS, Aparri, Philippines. The MPS3000 is fitted with 6 vectored thrusters to assist in sea floor positioning and maintaining the equipment in a vertical orientation whilst the coring procedure is completed. The MPS3000 is designed to be integrated with vessel existing ROV winch and umbilical removing the costly mobilisation of additional winch equipment and occupying valuable vessel deck space. All SEAS staff are highly skilled and will be able to help our client get the best result out of our equipment with the best information gleaned from the samples, either via onboard analysis or onshore laboratory testing. We have a qualified geologist on staff with 15+ years’ experience in the offshore oil and gas sector who is qualified to provide technical support. SEAS can provide environmental personnel and benthic infauna identification through expert staff at Western Australian and Northern Territory Museums. Our products are routinely used in harbours, near shore and offshore for a range of tasks such as: • Site Surveys • Pre-Dredge surveys • Anchor site survey • Pipeline feasibility studies • Environmental sampling • Acid sulphate soil • Mineral exploration • Marine research • Contaminated site surveys … and more. For further information regarding any of SEAS equipment please contact: [email protected] or visit our website: www.seasoffshore.com • 24m Piston Corer - ‘RV Investigator’. 45