Oil & Gas Innovation Summer 2020 Digital | Page 10

COVER STORY Scaffolding: Safety and Efficiency Are Not Mutually Exclusive Oil and Gas Innovation sits down with Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG to learn more about the importance of scaffolding, and the role it plays in the oil and gas sector. Layher is the leading manufacturer of system scaffolding, and explains to us how to quickly and safely assemble working scaffolds, while reducing downtime. It’s very important for a construction project to choose the right scaffolding solution, because it can give you a competitive advantage. Safety and efficiency are not mutually exclusive at Layher. Layher also talks about the increasing digitisation of the industry and their Scaffolding Information Modeling (SIM) software, LayPLAN SUITE, which helps users throughout the entire life cycle of the project. OGI: Could you start by explaining Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co. KG’s credentials and experience in terms of your products and services for the oil and gas sector? Could you tell our readers the breadth of your experience, how long the company has been active, and its reach? Layher: For 75 years now, Layher has stood for innovation, safety and quality “made in Germany”, and for a strong partnership with its customers from scaffolding, construction and industry’s such as the oil and gas sector. This is how the family-owned company grew to become the leading manufacturer of system scaffolding. Tried and tested, and continually improved, the Layher solutions, SpeedyScaf as a frame scaffolding for facades and Allround Scaffolding as the synonym for modular systems are today the global standard for scaffolding construction: Quick to assemble and dismantle, safer in operation and flexible in their use. Assembly times can be considerably reduced in this way, while occupational safety is greatly increased. This is also assured by the extensive services provided by Layher as a dependable partner – competent advice, training and seminars, plus a high delivery capacity. Every day, more than 1,900 employees are creating “more possibilities”. Whether at the highly automated main plant in Güglingen-Eibensbach, or at sales subsidiaries in 42 countries all over the world. 1 system, various solutions: Layher Allround Scaffolding Lightweight. OGI: What are the different solutions you provide the oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries? Layher: Efficiency and safety are important keywords in the oil industry. To reduce downtime due to maintenance work, the focus should be on the quick and safer assembly of access and working scaffolds. Ideal for this task is the Allround Scaffolding in the Lightweight generation. With its unique selflocking wedge head connection “AutoLock” and unsurpassed quick and flexible assembly, Made by Layher means made in Germany: the highly automated Layher headquarters in Gueglingen-Eibensbach. Up with safety, down with costs: Allround Scaffolding is used successfully worldwide, especially in the oil and gas sector, as well as chemical and power plants. it has established itself as the synonym for modular scaffolding. The extensive product range and continuous development ensure unlimited versatility - always state of the art. Wood and gap-free possibilities include work scaffolding - in form of supported, suspended and rolling structures - as well as shoring and reinforcing scaffolding, stairtowers and bridging, plus site protection, i.e. roofs or protective enclosures. OGI: Why is it so important for a project to choose the right type of scaffolding solution? Layher: Choosing the right scaffolding solution can ensure a genuine competitive advantage because safety and profitability aren’t contradictions at Layher. On the contrary: Allround Scaffolding in the Lightweight generation offers improved safety and at the same time reduces the assembly and logistic costs as the precision of all components and weight-optimised parts guarantee a reduction of assembly time and safer handling. Downtimes and production losses are minimised considerably. All good reasons why Allround Scaffolding is used successfully worldwide, especially in the oil and gas sector, but as well as chemical and power plants. OGI: Safety is of prime importance in any construction project. Could you talk about how Layher can keep projects safe and profitable at the same time?