Oil & Gas Innovation Summer 2020 Digital | Page 6

CONTENTS EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION Oil Demand in 2020 Could Lose Another 2.5 Million BPD As the number of confirmed new Covid-19 cases surges to new global highs of beyond 200,000 per day, a second wave of the pandemic is increasingly apparent in several countries – most notably in the United States. Exploration Cable With UL/CSA Approval The SAB 755 Exploration is a highly flexible control and supply cable for the use with extreme climatic conditions among others in Topside- Drilling-Loops of oil, gas and geothermal rigs. Furthermore, the cable can be applied in wet areas of machine tools as well as for assembly and production lines. PROCESSING Investment Protection and a Basis for Innovative Applications For 30 years, the BASF Group has been using the I&C-CAE system ProDOK by Rösberg for the planning and operational support of its production plants. User acceptance in day-to-day work is high, but there is also a new demand for the inclusion of innovative applications. For this reason BASF decided to switch to the new system generation ProDOK NG. VympelCare – Maintenance and Calibration Version 2.0 All day, every day, hundreds of thousands of analyzers around the world are measuring the dew point of water and the condensation temperature of hydrocarbons in natural gas. These values are primary indicators of the gas quality. Process Transformation: Amazon Filters Launches Coalescer for Oil and Gas Industry HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT EVENTS CALENDAR 70 46 40 42 48 52 58 48 40 46 6