OH! Magazine - Australian Version October 2018 - Page 30

( WHAT’S HOT ) BIO CHEESE FETA Australians all let us rejoice: My Life, creators of Bio Cheese, have launched a new vegan feta across all Woolworths stores nationwide. Plant-based eating is fast becoming the hottest food trend of 2018, so it’s only fitting that market leaders, My Life, rise to the occasion and give the people what they’re asking for – variety. Dairy-free eaters have long-missed being transported to sunny Greece from their dining tables but now, with a simple crumbling of Bio Cheese Feta on top of salads, pizzas, fruit or cooked vegetables, or through dips and pastries, you can delight in the quintessential Mediterranean lifestyle on the opposite side of the globe. Head into your local Woolworths store today to give Bio Cheese Feta a try. +HEMP WATER +hemp is a hemp-based water beverage developed to enhance hydration and heath. The organic Australian grown hemp seed oil added to +hemp water is high in omega-3 and omega-6 essential acids. +hemp is THC free (i.e. it has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects), as it is derived from the seed of certain varieties of the cannabis sativa plant. It has been scientifically formulated using only natural ingredients and is 100 per cent vegan, gluten free and eco- friendly. plushemp.com.au CHOBANI FiT Chobani has launched its locally developed and Australian exclusive new range, Chobani FiT. Chobani FiT has been carefully crafted to deliver the perfect balance of taste, texture and flavour with the benefits of a whopping 15g of protein per pot without any added sugar. To achieve no added sugar and a great taste, the range is sweetened with the natural sweetener, Stevia. The Chobani FiT range includes six flavours in the 170g pot range and four flavours in the 140g on-the-go pouch format. Available from Woolworths, leading Independents, and Coles. www.chobani.com.au DHALICIOUS For consumers seeking plant-based quick meal solutions, founder Nicole Mahler has created Dahlicious. These Indian-inspired dahls that are healthy, plant-based chilled meals, with 100 per cent wholesome ingredients, palm oil free, no additives, no preservatives and no fillers. The Dahlicious range is stocked in chilled fridges and each pack is 500g and contains two generous serves. Available from Ritchies IGA Group, SupaBarn stores, and Harris Farm Markets for $9.95. www.deliciousfoodsaustralia.com 30 OH! MAGAZINE ( OCTOBER 2018 ) FERMENTANICALS ORGANIC SPROUTED FLAX Fermentanicals Organic Sprouted Flax is easier to digest, has amplified nutrients, less calories, and is more alkaline compared to non-sprouted flax. Sprouting not only removes the seeds harsh outer coating, it doubles the antioxidants, which protect the lipids from going rancid, so it lasts longer than other flax or flax oil. It has the same great taste and is easy to use!). www.fermentanicals.com.au