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( Emotional Fitness ) THE SECRET TO LONG TERM BODY SUCCESS HEIDI DI SANTO YOU CAN CONTACT HEIDI VIA: Web: heidi.com.au Facebook: Heidi-Di-SantoEmotional-FitnessSpecialist-299600633422574/ Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo helps you understand how to achieve long term body satisfaction. hy do you exercise and eat well? Is it to change your body because you don't like something about it, or is it because you love your body and you want to look after it? W The first attitude causes many problems and unfortunately, it's the mindset many people have when it comes to improving their physical health. The second attitude is the one that is more likely to lead to long term success. This is because the intention behind what you do is critical when it comes to achieving long term results. Let's look at this in some more depth. People who do things with the intention of loving and respecting their own self will ultimately experience long term success because they've been respectful to all of 'parts' within themselves. This is because, as a person, you are made up of many different parts; you are not just one single entity! And when you are respectful towards all parts of you, all of those parts will want to work with you in the long term. But if you achieve your goal by denying, controlling or 18 OH! MAGAZINE (OCTOBER 2016) bullying parts of you, then those downtrodden parts may eventually get fed up and then rebel against their ill treatment. This is exactly how a 'war within' commences, which can really make life feel difficult. I know this because I've been there! I'm not saying that you can't get an amazing body by bullying, shaming and berating yourself into the desired result. Sadly, this is the way many people do it! The long term of this though, is that although you'll have a great body, inside there will be parts of you that feel bullied, shamed, denied and berated, which is not ideal for your mental health. It is way more effective to be nice to all your parts, so that you don't have to sacrifice your emotional and mental wellbeing along the way. So how do you get long term results from exercise and healthy eating which is not achieved at the expense of your sanity? The solution is to be nice to yourself in the process. Change your attitude towards your body, from shame and dislike, to love and respect, and watch the difference. I realise that knowing something and actually putting it into practice are two different things. People who gamble know that they shouldn't do it, but they can't stop. This is because they have parts within that aren't working together towards a common goal. The same applies when changing your attitude towards your body. If you know that you should exercise and eat well and embrace a more loving intention, but you just can't stop criticising yourself when looking in the mirror, then it's probably time to take action. Emotional fitness is just as important as physical fitness, but unfortunately, many people neglect this area of their wellbeing. Be kind to, and patient with yourself and the results just might amaze you. SPECIAL OFFER To learn more about this topic, I'm offering access to my emotional fitness training course, called The Path to Peace and Freedom, for half price during October. To redeem this offer head to www.heidi.com.au and enter the promotion code OCTOBER when you checkout. Note: this offer is valid until 31 October 2016.