OH! Magazine - Australian Version October 2015 - Page 17

HEIDI DI SANTO THREE TIPS TO www.heidi.com.au ( Emotional Fitness ) FEELING HAPPIER Heidi Di Santo shares three ideas to help boost your happiness! f you want more happiness or if you think you should be happy but you’re not, then here are three things to help you get more of what you want from life. I 1. Happiness is a trap! If you’re searching for constant happiness in your life, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Trying to maintain the state of happiness is futile because happiness is one emotion of many. Trying to hold onto happiness and exclude other emotions (e.g., sadness, anger and fear) is an impossible task. 2. Search for peace instead It’s better to search for peace, not happiness, as all emotions occur ‘within peace’ and when you allow yourself to feel them ALL, you will always return to peace, which is your true nature. When you stop judging your emotions and start accepting and feeling them all, you become free. Life is full of ups and downs and learning to ride the waves of emotion enables you to become internally strong and build a solid foundation for your life. 3. Become emotionally fit If you’re finding it difficult to access your true nature of ‘peace’, you might need some help. You as a person are made up of many ‘parts’ and getting all of these parts working together towards common goals is really important. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself and when you get this in order, life starts to improve. Sadly, many people are mean and critical towards their own self and they suppress, distrust and judge their own parts, and this causes stress and unease within. Becoming emotionally fit is about having no ‘part’ of you that you’re not willing to explore, embrace and love. It’s about making peace with your past and creating an inner world that’s a really nice place to inhabit. Are there things inside you that you’re suppressing or avoiding? When you do this, you’re forced to wear your mask and pretend and this is when life becomes hard. But your life doesn’t need to be so hard. When you sort your inner world out, you create a solid foundation to grow your external life upon. If you want to learn more, have a read of my book I Should Be Happy But I’m Not or download my FREE eBook 5 Secrets of Success & Happiness from http://heidi.com.au ( OH! MAGAZINE ) OCTOBER 2015 17