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Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo shares some valid advice .
ould you go to a doctor to
W fix your car ? Of course you wouldn ’ t . But I use this analogy to demonstrate that , sadly , this is what many people do when it comes to their mental and emotional health .
Lately I ’ ve spoken with many hairdressers , personal trainers and massage therapists who have commented that their clients often divulge their innermost secrets and use their appointments to discuss their many and varied personal issues . Many have jokingly said that ‘ their training should have come with a psychology degree ’. Whilst many professionals enjoy this aspect of their job , others do feel a little burdened by it .
So why am I bringing this up ?
Because ‘ sharing ’ without ‘ healing ’ is just ‘ dumping ’.
Whilst it ’ s great to be real and open up around others , if you ’ re in the habit of doing this and if you ’ re not also seeing a psychotherapist , counsellor or psychologist who can help you resolve your problem , you ’ re actually talking to the wrong type of professional ! To continue the analogy , you ’ re asking your doctor to fix your car .
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If you truly want to fix your problems , you need to get help from someone who can help you find peace with whatever you ’ re mentally or emotionally struggling with . Because if you just ‘ dump ’, the problem will still be there and you ’ ll have to continue to dump in order to feel okay . I call this the ‘ broken record syndrome ’ because you get stuck repeating the same stories over and over , in an attempt to feel better inside .
For some reason , in our culture there still seems to be a negative stigma associated with seeing a counsellor or psychologist . Many people judge this type of help as a weakness , but this way of thinking actually prevents people from accepting and owning their problems , which ultimately hinders their healing . I actually consider people who reach out for help as strong and in control , because they recognise they have a problem and they take action to fix it .
Many people limp along in life , wearing their mask and pretending that everything ’ s okay when , in fact , deep down inside it ’ s a very different story . This pretence causes all sorts of problems , such as anxiety , depression , overwhelm and addiction . It ’ s often this point , when life feels really difficult .
The truth is , when you struggle in life , you ’ re actually just experiencing an ‘ emotional cold ’. And when you ’ re willing to own it , it becomes temporary ( not permanent ). Unfortunately , when life becomes mentally or emotionally tough , many people get stuck in ‘ limbo land ’ because they don ’ t get the help they need to move through their ‘ stuff ’; they don ’ t get the medicine they need to recover from that temporary cold . And this is when that cold is at risk of becoming a longer term problem ! Many people use distraction techniques to help them cope , like gambling , drinking , over-exercise or over-eating , to name a few .
If you ’ re experiencing a mental or emotional cold , please consider reaching out to the right type of professional , to help you recover , once and for all .
As I mentioned in the beginning , you wouldn ’ t go to a doctor to fix your car so make sure that you see a trained professional for your inner issues ; it might just set you free so you can start living a better quality of life .
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