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Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo explores the mind body connection .
HEIDI DI SANTO hen he woke up , Vaughan
W was unable to move his body . Consciously he was awake , but physically , it was like he was anesthetised . This had been happening regularly over the past month and it was becoming more frequent as time progressed . He came to see me because he felt out of control and deep down ‘ frightened ’ at what was going on . He ’ d been to a doctor who couldn ’ t explain things from a physical perspective . So he came to me to see if there was an emotional cause .
Your body will often experience things that you try to hide from your consciousness . It expresses what you repress . Things like hair loss , erectile dysfunction , skin rashes , anxiety , fatigue , low sex drive , sleep disturbances and migraines are just some examples of physical ailments that can often have emotional causes .
You see , many people unconsciously wear a mask that hides their truth from the world . This mask helps you ‘ fit in ’ or ‘ feel normal ’, but you pay a price for wearing it . The gap between who you really are on the inside and what you show the world on the outside is the amount of stress you ’ ll experience day to day . It ’ s tiring pretending to be someone who you aren ’ t so my work is about helping people to remove their ‘ mask ’ and close that gap , so they can start to love an accept their real self and , ultimately , reduce the stress produced through this facade .
You , as a person , are made up of many different parts . When I worked with Vaughan , we found a young part of him ( that he was avoiding because it was angry ) that just wanted to be loved and seen and accepted . Growing up , Vaughan ’ s parents ignored this part and told him that his anger was wrong . As a result , Vaughan learned to treat himself ( and his angry part ) the same way . But the more he tried to distance himself and disconnect from this part , the more this part caused this ‘ consciously awake but physically asleep ’ phenomenon . When this part ’ s needs were met and when Vaughan was able to love and accept it into his entirety , his sleep problems magically disappeared ! To put this another way , the more internally connected he became with his parts , the healthier he became on the outside .
Many people ( including some therapists ) don ’ t like going back to the past to heal stuff . But personally , I find it ’ s the quickest and most effective method of helping someone positively move forward in life . To be honest , I only ever revisit the past to clear things that are interrupting present day life . I never go searching for things that could cause a problem in the future ; I work with what ’ s causing a problem in the NOW ( to borrow teminology from Eckhart Tolle ).
If you avoid going back to heal the initial trauma , you ’ ll keep creating similar type problems in your life ( that often magnify in intensity ), because these suppressed parts want to be healed so they tend to attract situations like magnets towards you in order to stimulate healing . That ’ s why I ’ m so passionate about training therapists in Resource Therapy , which is a technique that helps move pathological ( or traumatised ) parts back to normality .
So if you ever experience an unexplained physical ailment , you might want to consider the possibility that there could be an emotional reason behind what ’ s going on . These days , many people are ‘ mentally fit ’. They ’ ve gone to school for many years to develop this skill but they often lack ‘ emotional fitness ’, which needs to be balanced with mental fitness if you ’ re to lead a truly successful life .
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