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DR JOANNA omega-3 fats, but they also provide some protein and importantly all of the amino acids are present making them terrific to add to a vegetarian meal. While the fats are good for brain and heart health, chia is fantastically rich in a number of different fibres that support gut healthy and microbiome. Sprinkle chia on your cereal, muesli and salads, add to your smoothies (and drink straight away before it thickens), or let it thicken in water to form a gel that can be used to replace eggs in recipes or to make a chia pudding. 5. Sardines When thinking about omega-3s you might expect me to have listed salmon and this is indeed a fabulous food. But I thought I’d put the spotlight on sardines as they often slip under the radar when we’re talking healthiest foods. Sardines tick many of my boxes being fantastic from a nutrition perspective, but also an environmental one. Canned sardines get the green light from the Australian Marine Conservation Society. They are fabulously rich in the long chain omega-3 fats we need for heart and especially brain health, while being anti- inflammatory throughout the body. Being a small fish they also have soft, edible bones and that makes them a terrific source of calcium. Particularly if you don’t eat dairy, popping sardines regularly onto your menu is a great idea. Canned sardines also help to make healthy eating easy, convenient and cost effective. Keep them in your pantry and grill or panfry to serve with salad or on toast, or toss through pasta with plenty of lemon and herbs..’ YOU CAN FOLLOW DR JOANNA VIA: Web: drjoanna.com.au Facebook: drjoannamcmillan Twitter: @joannanutrition Instagram: @drjoannamcmillan OH! MAGAZINE ( JUNE 2018 ) 9