OH! Magazine - Australian Version June 2018 - Page 22

WHAT’S HOT ADULT BOARD GAMES Board games for big people are making a resurgence, and thanks to www.crownandandrews.com we’ve discovered these little beauts: Sh#t Happens is as funny and surprising and crazy as real life! Each card depicts a horrible event that has happened or could happen to you, like being attacked by a swarm of bees or seeing your father naked. A panel of mental health experts has rated them all, from 1 to 100. Rank your card and if the misery index agrees with you, you get to keep it. The first player to put 10 cards in their correct order wins! Suitable for ages 18+. $39.95. Gather your friends or family and get ready – it’s time to reveal all in Dan & Phil’s Truth Bombs! Answer questions about each other and prepare for funny facts, awkward admissions and random revelations that’ll cause explosions of laughter. Grab a pencil, pick a question and fire the bombs away! Suitable for ages 14+, 4 to 8 players. $39.95. Revealing the terrible artist in all of us, players in Scrawl start off with a loaded phrase, doodle it, then pass it on. By the time your masterpiece of an ‘Conga Line’ passes through your friends’ dirty minds and wonky pens – and makes it back to you – things will have gone horribly wrong. Points are awarded for the most disastrous doodles and terrible guesses. Suitable for ages 17+. $29.95. Bucket of Doom is a black comedy story-telling game where players must escape from tons of seriously dodgy situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. You might find you’ve woken up as the back end of a human centipede with only a foot-long hotdog and an angry beaver to help you. The best escape plan wins! This is a game for the Macgyver in all of us. Suitable for ages 16+. $39.95. 22 OH! MAGAZINE ( JUNE 2018 ) Discover what’s climbing up the fabometer this month, which is sure to have you looking an d feeling the goods! If you have a product or service that can help boost health, wellness, fitness or happiness, please email all the delicious details to havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au