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WELCOME TO A WONDERFUL WINTER! THIS MAGAZINE IS PRODUCED BY: Hooray, it’s officially the funnest season of the year! I know, during winter it can feel bone-chillingly cold, the doona just won’t let you get out of bed some mornings, and the kilojoule-laden comfort foods seem to call your name all night long... BUT there are so many upsides to winter. I mean think about all the snow fun to be had. Remember also, cold temperatures boost your metabolism, the crisp morning air can help you move faster (to avoid losing feeling in your toes!), and teeth-chattering burns extra energy. Winter actually has so much to offer by way of helping you get and stay fit. AND if you commit to your health regime all winter long, you’ll be rewarded with a fit and healthy rig – inside and out – when summer finally rolls back around. Chat to your favourite fitness professional to find out their tips to stay on a healthy track all winter long. With the right support and encouragement, you’ll probably find it a lot easier than you think! Let me know what you learn and how you go! Stay warm! ANALEE MATTHEWS Publisher & Editor 2 OH! MAGAZINE ( JUNE 2018 ) Before trying any new exercise, nutrition or health regimes you should consult an appropriate health or fitness professional for clearance. The information in this publication is not a substitute for advice or consultation with any health, medical or fitness professional. The health and fitness industries often provide conflicting – sometimes even contradictory – information; as the reader it is your responsibility to safely determine what does or does not work for you. All prices stated are the recommended retail prices in Australian currency and may be subject to change. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, all parties associated with the production and publishing of this magazine accept no responsibility for the correctness of any facts and the copyright responsibility of all articles lies with individual contributors. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of other authors, the publisher or any of its production or publishing team. No material in this magazine may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher. Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.