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( Emotional Fitness ) MAKING CHANGE MADE EASY Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo explains how to successfully create change in your life. hen it comes to change, many people feel scared, frustrated or simply that it’s just ‘too hard’ to make a change. This is because it’s human nature to want things to stay the same. Life is synonymous with change however, and you can create a lot of stress and pain inside if you fight against the natural current of life. W So how can you make accepting change a little easier on yourself? Step 1. Change your focus If you’re finding it hard to create or accept change in your life, then you’re probably stuck in the trap of focusing on what you can’t have or what you’re going to miss out on. The minute you tell yourself that you can’t have something, you immediately want it. This is because you feel ‘deprived’ and this is how you make ‘making change’ difficult for yourself because it doesn’t feel nice. Change becomes so much easier when you enjoy the process. Most people love to eat, drink and enjoy life, and this is often a byproduct of socialising, which is why gaining body fat seems so easy to do – you do it without it being a chore. So what are you trying to change in your life and how are you going about doing it? The more you can make the process fun and enjoyable, the more likely you are to be successful at making ‘easy changes’ that you’ll stick to. Here are a few ideas: The thing is, you have 100 per cent control over where you focus your mind, whenever you are faced with change. You have a choice: you can focus on what you ‘can’t have’, which will create pain and stress and will ensure that making change is hard; or you can focus on what you ‘can have’ so that the change becomes more pleasant and enjoyable. • When it comes to exercise, find things you enjoy doing. My husband and I get up first thing in the morning, take the dog for a walk and get a coffee at the end. The exercise of walking is really a by-product of connecting with each other and ensuring our dog gets outdoors. When you find an activity that you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to keep doing it. • When it comes to work and completing a big task by a set date, write a list of all the things you need to do, and at the start of each day ask yourself ‘what do I want to work on today?’ When you Step 2. Make it enjoyable I stumbled upon a quote the other day that made me laugh – but it also got me thinking. It said ‘I wish everything was as easy as getting fat.’ I initially laughed because there’s such truth to these words. Gaining 20 JULY 2016 ( OH! MAGAZINE ) YOU CAN CONTACT HEIDI VIA: Web: heidi.com.au Facebook: Heidi-Di-Santo-EmotionalFitness-Specialist-299600633422574/ focus your energy on what you want to do, as opposed to what you have to do, you’ll become inspired to do more because you won’t feel like it’s a chore. body fat does seem to be an easy thing to do, but why is gaining weight so easy and how can we apply these principles to life so that making change also becomes easy? Making change is not rocket science. It involves harnessing your thoughts, feelings and actions towards the same goal until you get the results you desire. HEIDI DI SANTO • When it comes to change in general, telling yourself that you’re lazy, stupid or weak will make change hard. Beating yourself up makes you feel lousy and is demotivating. Instead, the kinder, more loving and gentle you can be with yourself, the more likely you are to stick at something. If you’ve tried the above and you find you’re still self-sabotaging or lacking in motivation, then don’t be scared to reach out for help. I’ve personally found Resource Therapy and Breathwork Therapy amazing tools to get my inner world back on track and in harmony again, and as such, they are the therapies I use to help people live their best life. To find out more visit www.heidi.com.au or to watch the YouTube video on this subject visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te_2Hwm1KKc