OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2017 - Page 33

( Emotional Fitness ) HOW TO HAVE A GREAT YEAR! Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo shares her tips to help you create your best year ever! ew year’s resolutions can seem like a good idea. They get you thinking about your future and looking at what’s required to make it a reality. But because they aren’t often achieved, resolutions often set people up for failure, which isn’t good for your selfesteem or your mental and emotional health. Instead, focus on what you do like about your life and be grateful for that. The law of attraction means that you create more of what you continually think about and focus on. As a result, you’ll attract more of what you want into your life and the good things will naturally grow. Doing this is a much kinder and gentler way of improving your life. If in the past, setting and not achieving new year’s resolutions has left you feeling down, then stop torturing yourself! Ditch the resolutions and do this instead: 2. See every day as a chance to start fresh N 1. Focus on what you do have and like about your life Resolutions get you focusing on what you don’t have, which creates a ‘lack’ or ‘gap’ within you. Sometimes this can provide the necessary ‘kick up the behind’ to make the necessary changes to your life, but more often than not focusing on a ‘lack’ means you’ll create more of this and start to feel bad about your life. This isn’t ideal. January is often seen as a way to start fresh with a clean slate, in terms of your life, but I’d like to challenge this ‘yearly reset point’. Instead, why not see each day as a new beginning? That way you have 365 chances to improve your life every year, rather than just one! There are times where you’re going to have a bad day. There are times where you’re going to self-sabotage or procrastinate or undo your hard work. But this is normal because you are human. If you only give yourself a yearly reset point, you can make your life very hard! HEIDI DI SANTO YOU CAN CONTACT HEIDI VIA: Web: heidi.com.au Facebook: Heidi-Di-Santo-EmotionalFitness-Specialist-299600633422574/ If I’ve had a bad day, I feel safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is a new day where the reset button has been pressed. Just like pressing the ‘control-alt-delete’ button on your computer, you can start each day with a new attitude on a different foot. You can wipe the slate clean knowing that life can be different tomorrow. Don’t let one mistake get you down. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Realise you are human. Take the pressure off. Let yourself have a bad day or a bad week and allow yourself to move on. Try waking up each morning and ask ingyourself ‘what one thing will I do today to make my life (and the lives of others) even better’? Daily and consistent action is key because it’s the small steps that add up to make the big changes. I hope this information helps you in your life. If you want to know more about being kinder and gentler with yourself (which is often called ‘Emotional Fitness’) visit www.heidi.com.au ( JANUARY 2017 ) OH! MAGAZINE 33