OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2016 - Page 7

ATTITUDES DON ELGIN ARE CONTAGIOUS www.donelgin.com.au ( OH WOW! ) Paralympion Don Elgin explains the contagious nature of attitudes! here are few things more powerful than a positive attitude. The most exciting thing about being human is we get to choose what our attitude is going to be. Yes you read correctly, we choose our attitude. T When we decide to be a person that goes through life not blaming anyone for our situation we immediately take positive steps to a healthy attitude. The power of a positive attitude has far reaching effects, not only will you feel better but the people around you will feel better in the company of a person with a positive attitude. you see them. Do this in a small way to other environment’s you frequent. Leave notes with positive messages in draws throughout your house. 3. Choose the people you let impact your energy levels When you choose to have a positive attitude your world will start to change, you will see the people in your life that are negative and never seem to have anything positive to say, spend less time with these people, they will be a huge drain of your positive energy. 4. Make small adjustments often No one can tell you that you are not allowed to be a happy person, admittedly this may not happen over night, it takes time and effort to maintain a positive attitude but it is well worth it. Follow these five simple steps to give yourself the best chance of creating and maintaining a positive attitude. 1. Find a way to smile every day Life is so much easier with a smile on your face, smiling relaxes your face and helps you feel happier. It also encourages those around you to smile, further building a more pleasant environment for your positive attitude to develop. Having a prompt to smile can be very useful, try smiling every time you look at your watch. 2. Create positive energy in the space you spend most time If you are in front of a computer a lot, be sure your desktop has a photo of family or of things that bring happy thoughts when Creating a positive attitude is based on lots of little adjustments to how we see the world, aim to find a positive in every situation, no matter how bad it may seem, there is always something positive that can be found. Do this when you are watching news stories, typically the news will be filled with