OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2016 - Page 6

( OH MY! ) TIPS & TRICKS Heed these helpful hints to have a safe and healthy start to the year. MINIMISE YOUR KIDS’ RISK OF ASTHMA THESE HOLIDAYS With one in ten Australian children suffering from asthma, the National Asthma Council Australia (www.nationalasthma.org.au) is encouraging parents of kids with asthma to take precautions over the holidays, and have provided the following tips to help keep kids’ asthma symptoms at bay: • Check in with a GP before you leave: It’s a smart idea to see your doctor before you start your holiday, so you can make sure your child’s asthma is going as well as possible before you leave. Your child doesn’t need to be sick, or experiencing symptoms to have an asthma check-up with your doctor. • Have an action plan: Consult with your doctor to develop an asthma action plan, so you know what to do if your child’s asthma symptoms worsen. The asthma action plan can also be stored on your smartphone and easily accessed from anywhere via the Asthma Buddy iPhone and Android app. • Get an up-to-date copy of your child’s prescription: Be prepared and make sure you get a new prescription to have on-hand. This will help you avoid the hassle of trying to get one filled at your holiday destination, or during Christmas shut-downs. • Choosing a place to stay: Minimise triggers by requesting a smoke-free and fragrance-free room, and remember to ask if they offer rooms that reduce allergens. Also, check reviews for mentions of mould or pets, if these are triggers. BREAKFAST CEREALS FOUND TO ENHANCE