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( Where, Oh Where? ) 10 HEALTHY HOLIDAY IDEAS FOR 2016 Cheapflights.com.au provide these holiday ideas to help you kickstart healthy habits this year. We all have good intentions to make positive changes and kick old habits to the curb when it comes to the New Year. However, for most people, inevitably these intentions become old news swiftly as everyday life and its stresses take hold. F Enter the wellness holiday, a perfect solution for kick starting the year or giving yourself a boost along the way. To help inspire you, Cheapflights.com.au has taken a look at the best solutions for your resolutions, whether you’re looking to wind down, shape up or detox your body and mind. all the bells and whistles, lots of activities and healthy delights. They say, ‘give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind’ – sounds good to us! 3. Silver Island, Greece Searching for a holiday with a difference? Look no further than Silver Island Yoga Retreat. Spend six nights practicing yoga, kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, drawing or just simply relaxing in the sun. This retreat is all about finding peace within and connecting with nature without any distractions. Three vegetarian meals, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, are provided daily, with all made from seasonal, organic and locally sourced produce. BOOTCAMPS 1. Tulum, Mexico Bikini Bootcamp was founded about a decade ago and was one of the first adventure-fitness-and-yoga programs around. Each day begins with a stretch on the beach followed by a one hour power walk. You can then back it up with high energy cardio workouts, tone and strength classes, and yoga. Other activities include belly dance classes, insightful meditation sittings, cooking demonstrations and tours to explore the area. There are two spa services as well so be sure try their signature Mayan clay treatment – total bliss after a hard day’s working out. MIND, BODY & SOUL 1. South Island, New Zealand Aro Ha is just a 40-minute drive from Queenstown. Designed for the ‘rejuvenation of the human spirit’, it offers life-shifting, body-morphing, spiritlifting retreats combined with body sculpting programs such as sub-alpine hiking, vinyasa yoga, and dynamic movement. Cleanse your mind with meditation classes and soothe the body with daily therapeutic massages, steam rooms and saunas. 2. St. Lucia, Caribbean Blissful white sand beaches, lush green palm trees that provide welcome shade, and a seemingly endless sea – this is the recipe for pure relaxation. The Body Holiday LeSport resort on St. Lucia is an ideal destination to offload stress as they offer all this plus a wellness centre with 30 JANUARY 2016 ( OH! MAGAZINE ) 4. Bangalore, India Make the ultimate trek to India and book a stay at Shreyas Yoga Retreat, one of the top retreats of its kind in the world. Located on 25 green acres outside of the city, this upscale centre takes care of every detail so you can focus on complete rejuvenation. In addition to yoga classes, you can take part in chanting sessions, massages and traditional ayurveda treatments. 5. Hawkesbury Valley, Australia Just one hour drive from Sydney’s CBD in the Hawkesbury Valley, NUYU offers a beautiful rural setting and 4.5 star luxuries to help you escape the hustle and bustle. Wake up bright and early for a 7am scenic walk in the valley, followed by Taoist breathing and Tai Chi. This is the perfect retreat for those who are seeking relaxation after a hectic Christmas. 2. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Taking the concept of bootcamp to new heights, why not kick