OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2016 - Page 24

THE SECRET TO MAKING ‘CRAZY’ WORK GREG SELLAR Greg Sellar explains the valuable impact of awareness. ave you ever had a ‘fat day’ or a ‘bad hair day’ and it ruined an occasion for you? The truth is, most of us are all a little bit crazy. And I don’t mean zany, I mean barmy, bonkers and nuts! Usually, most of us can keep it under control, but sometimes it can feel as though we’re one slap away from flipping right out! H The stress of it all is understandable when you consider the current pace of the world. It took ten years for the telephone to reach half the world’s population, yet the mobile phone did it in less than four! If you think the pace of society now is bewildering, hold onto your hats because we ain’t seen nothing yet! The question is, if we’re feeling pressured now with our family, work and life, how are we going to cope in the future? As the pressure and craziness grows, our mindsets start to buckle and if it goes unchecked, it can sometimes feel truly paralysing. Tim Burton once said, ‘One person’s insanity is another person’s reality’. I think most of us have come to accept the often irrational and emotionally charged thoughts that dominate our mindsets as ‘normal’ or the ‘truth’. But they’re not; or, 24 JANUARY 2016 ( OH! MAGAZINE ) they shouldn’t be. Your thinking is like a computer and the incorrect stories and craziness we tell ourselves act like a virus that corrupts your software, slows down your operating system and interferes with installing new apps. endlessly swipe upwards and scroll through ‘Falsebook’ hoping that something might resonate but often, we end up just scrolling and hoping our life away. Chances are, you, those close to you, and those surrounding you are on a constant journey to achieve greater success in life; however, Harvard University found that less than two per cent of people ever realise their dreams. The truth is, your thoughts are only ever as good as the action they inspire. Believe it or not, every negative thought and emotion that makes up your ‘crazy’ actually has a positive intention. For example, if you feel anxious about an upcoming presentation at work, the positive intention is that it wants you to do the work well, so you’re successful. That’s the action. It stems back to our prehistoric days and our ‘fight or flight’ response, when we experienced fear as a function of the limbic brain to tell us that danger was imminent from attacking animals or other threats. Of course, we don’t have animals chasing us these days, so our fear and anxiety gets redirected to what we consider threats to our self or livelihood. Currently, our solution in this journey towards success, is to keep our ‘crazy’ at bay by trying to reinforce endless positive thinking ideas and motivational quotes. You know the type: ‘Mistakes are proof you’re trying’ and ‘Yesterday, you said tomorrow.’ Unfortunately, they’re just words and so they often don’t work. We Think about your negative emotions and mindset and ask yourself, ‘What is the positive intention it is trying to deliver, and what action does it inspire?’ If you can answer those two simple questions, you can begin to reframe your current ‘ crazy’ and actually make it work in your favour. You might be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you. You might be thinking, ‘I’m a pretty happy person, I do okay’, but we live in a world where one in three of us do not enjoy our work, 35 per cent of us fear failure, 80 per cent of us loathe our body, and unless you live in Switzerland or Denmark, almost all of us are unhappy with some part of our lives. http://teamlifehack.com (Performance Coaching)