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WELCOME TO YOUR BEST YEAR EVER! 2016 has arrived! So what are you going to do to make it your best year do-date? THIS MAGAZINE EXISTS, THANKS TO THESE COOL CATS: Now is a great time to stop dwelling on the past. Let your previous struggles go and focus on what lies ahead and the positives that you have in your life right now. PUBLISHER All Smiles Creative / OH! Magazine Do you realise that if you focus on what you have right now, then you can only ever feel grateful and blessed? If you focus on what you don’t have or wish you had, then you will only ever feel a little bit empty. Success and happiness relies on perspective. So where do you place your energy? Are you looking for and finding all the positives you have in your world? Or are you continuously spotting the negatives and focusing on what you feel lacks in your life? JACK LEE, JLee Design Creative Director Web: www.jleedesign.com.au Ph: +61 466 426 649 TONI KRASICKI Proofreader (aka Eagle Eyes) Email: tonikrasicki@outlook.com Now is a great time to decide which pattern of behaviour you want to embrace in 2016. OUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EXPERT AUTHORS See page 5 Changing your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours is hard! But it’s worth the effort. Think about how you want to feel this year and commit to having your best year ever! Cover model: Isabel Amundsen Cover photo: GarethChristianPhotography.com ANALEE MATTHEWS Publisher & Editor havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au 2 ANALEE MATTHEWS Editor (aka The Word Nerd) Web: www.ohmagazine.com.au Ph: +61 411 314 503 JANUARY 2016 ( OH! MAGAZINE ) This magazine is supported by Before trying any new exercise, nutrition or health regimes you should consult an appropriate health or fitness professional for clearance. The information in this publication is not a substitute for advice or consultation with any health, medical or fitness professional. The health and fitness industries often provide conflicting – sometimes even contradictory – information; as the reader it is your responsibility to safely determine what does or does not work for you. All prices stated are the recommended retail prices in Australian currency and may be subject to change. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, all parties associated with the production and publishing of this magazine accept no responsibility for the correctness of any facts and the copyright responsibility of all articles lies with individual contributors. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of other authors, the publisher or any of its production or publishing team. No material in this magazine may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher. Copyright ©2015. All rights reserved.