OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2016 - Page 11

HEIDI DI SANTO www.heidi.com.au ( Emotional Fitness ) HOW TO BECOME LUCKIER IN LIFE Heidi Di Santo shares her secrets to boosting your luck in 2016. n the surface, some people ‘seem’ to be incredibly lucky. It’s like they never run into problems and life always seems to go their way. So what’s the secret to becoming luckier in life? It’s really quite simple. Here are my five top tips: O 1. Lucky people are prepared Luck or success occurs when preparation and opportunity coincide. Many people ‘seem’ lucky because they know what they want and they’ve taken consistent and regular action towards their goals so that when opportunities present themselves, they’re ready to cease the opportunity. 2. Lucky people deal with problems quickly Everyone has their fair share of troubles in life, it’s just that people who ‘seem’ to be lucky know how to deal with problems quickly and efficiently. Life appears to run smoothly for lucky people because they don’t get stuck in drama. When life doesn’t go according to plan, they realise that ‘you get what you focus on in life’. If you want to instantly improve your current life circumstance, you need to focus on solutions not problems. Bad things happen to everyone and you can choose to victimise yourself by focusing on how bad things are, which will keep you stuck experiencing more of what you don’t want. The alternative is to change your mind’s focus and look for ways out. A simple question to ask that puts you back in control is ‘what can I do to improve this situation?’ 3. Lucky people accept responsibility Lucky people don’t give away their power, which means they avoid blame, judgment and criticism. They realise that ‘it takes two to tango’ in every disagreement, and they accept responsibility for their part in any conflict. They realise that everyone is a teacher in life regardless of whether the lesson is taught in a positive or negative manner. They understand that whatever they judge or dislike or react to in someone else is always about them. They also realise that there are always ‘two sides to every story’ and they avoid ‘black and white’, ‘right and wrong’ thinking. They open up to understanding both sides of the story and see the shades of grey in life. As a result, they look within to heal and take ownership of their part of the problem. This way they step out of victim thinking and into their power. 4. Lucky people are grateful Lucky people are grateful for all the ‘good’ they already have in their life. They understand the law of attraction and know that whatever they focus on grows. If you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t have in your life, you’ll create more of this and ultimately seem ‘unluckier’. 5. Lucky people do what others don’t If you want more ‘luck’ in life, you’ve got to realise that targeted action is really important. It’s not about working hard, it’s about working ‘smart’ and doing what other people don’t do in order to get results. This often involves expanding your comfort zone, which can seem scary (but is rewarding)! Being able to do this involves getting comfortable with accepting emotions that include fear, anger and sadness. When you aim to make change in your life, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing and being able to take control of your inner world and re-frame problems into learning experiences is paramount. On your way to success, are you going to use setbacks as fodder for why you can’t or fuel for why you can? It’s ultimately your choice! Lucky people have ultimately learned to think, act and feel differently enabling them to harness the power of their internal world and ultimately create successes beyond the realm of others who haven’t learned this skill. If you want to know more, have a read of my book I Should Be Happy But I’m Not or download my FREE eBook Take Control of Your Life. Both are available from http://heidi.com.au ( OH! MAGAZINE ) JANUARY 2016 11