OH! Magazine - Australian Version January 2016 - Page 10

MEET AN EXPERT Name: Greg Sellar Expertise: Performance Coaching Website: www.teamlifehack.com reg’s work in the fitness industry has seen him speak and present training workshops in over 53 countries worldwide and be recognised as the International Fitness Presenter of the Year 2010 at the International Fitness Showcase. He works with some of the biggest names and brands in global fitness including Nike, Total Gym, BOSU and fitness fx and the Michelle Bridges’ MB brand. With a degree in Sports Science (BSpSc) from the University of New South Wales and a Diploma in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), Greg ‘lifehacks’ people’s thinking and behaviours to help them better understand what makes them tick in the pursuit of physical and psychological wellbeing. G Tell us about your business, lifehack lifehack helps people burn the status quo, ditch the dead weight and show up for success. Harvard University’s research concluded only two per cent of people realise their dreams, leaving 98 per cent wanting more out of life. At lifehack, we help companies and individuals make it into the two per cent! We spend an incredible amount of time beating ourselves up and creating barriers that don’t exist. We are our own worst enemy, 10 JANUARY 2016 ( OH! MAGAZINE ) but once you’re aware of what you’re doing, you can change it to work for you, rather than against. lifehack isn’t some ‘happy-clappy’ philosophy where you hope your life away. It’s a science and results-based methodology that’s worked for executives, athletes and individuals the world over, with transformative results. We live in a world where one quarter of us dislike our work, 80 per cent of us loathe our body, one in three of us fear failure, and unless you live in Switzerland or Denmark, 95 per cent of us think part of our life sucks! lifehack changes the script, so you can think better and succeed faster. What are your top tips for someone to really get the best out of themselves? 1. Become aware: having the awareness will help you identify what is helpful and unhelpful thinking, and what is in and out of your control. 2. Stop beating yourself up: we’re all somewhere on the spectrum from ’normal’ to crazy! You’re not alone in your thinking, so dial down the inner critic and give yourself a chance of success. 3. Action precedes motivation: don’t wait for motivation because it almost will never come. Do the action and you’ll find motivation once you’re in the game. What’s your advice for someone with a dream or a big hairy audacious goal? The only thing that will ever stop you is you. Fear of rejection in putting yourself out there is usually the first hurdle, because we take the rejection personally and we shouldn’t. Secondly, we spend time doing the wrong things that won’t move us towards the dream; we procrastinate and make excuses as to why we can’t and they all stem from our thinking based on emotion rather than rationale. Lastly, concentrate on the journey as much as the end goal. Putting our short term wellbeing off for a long term goal is considered one of the four ‘unworkables’ in coaching. So instead, enjoy yourself now and in the process and you’ll get to the end goal quicker than you realise. Some final words... lifehack is about optimising your brain and body by disrupting your thinking, health, and way of life. It rewires old habits and programs mindset and behaviours for work and personal success. We have workplace training, executive and individual coaching programs as well as online shortcourses, wellbeing programs and a soon-to-be-released book.