OH! Magazine - Australian Version February 2016 - Page 21

HEIDI DI SANTO www.heidi.com.au ( Emotional Fitness ) THE BIGGEST MEDITATION MYTH Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo, sets the meditation record straight! Do you find it hard to meditate? If you do, you’re not alone! It’s common knowledge that meditation is beneficial. It benefits your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. But knowing something and actually doing something are two different things. At the heart of why many people don’t stick at meditation is a big ‘meditation myth’, which I’d like to shed some light on. Years ago when I first learned to meditate, I thought I was a failure because every time I sat down to do it, my mind would become ‘busy’ and I thought I was doing it all wrong. I held the mistaken belief that ‘I should’ find peace and become ‘still’ whenever I meditated. But my actual experience was the exact opposite. I’d be bombarded by thoughts and ‘noise’ and chatter and I’d often feel worse after meditation because there would be a ‘fight’ within me throughout the entire meditation practice. But this fight need not have occurred. I hope the information I’m about to share in this article helps take the pressure off you ‘having to get it right’ because there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to meditation. There’s just acceptance. If you’re like me and hold a mistaken belief that you ‘should’ become peaceful and quiet whenever you meditate, this might be the reason you don’t enjoy meditation. It might also be the reason why you’ve given up or don’t meditate regularly. So here’s what you need to know about meditation: Meditation is a process of accepting ‘what is’ and not judging it. If your mind becomes busy, it’s really important to allow the busyness to be there. Meditation is about observing your thoughts without attachment or judgment, allowing them to come and go, (even the disturbing thoughts)! Your thoughts aren’t you. They are just thoughts. Sadly many people get scared by their thoughts and create more stress inside trying to control and get rid of them. It is also a process of feeling into your body and allowing everything to ‘be okay’ without trying to change it. Yes this means accepting all the aches, pains, swollen glands, tingling and th robbing and actually sending love and healing to those things. It’s welcoming them in rather than trying to push them out. It’s moving towards your physical problems rather than distancing yourself from them. This is how you truly love yourself. It’s about stepping into your witness consciousness (or real self or observer self) as opposed to your ego self, which enables you to ‘allow’ as opposed to ‘control’. This ‘observer’ part of you notices how thoughts and sensations come and go and allows everything to ‘be’ without trying to change or get rid of anything. It is the part of you that surrenders to ‘what is’ as opposed to judging and controlling everything. Meditation is something you can do anywhere anytime. Whilst it’s great to set aside time each day to practice ‘going within’, you can actually treat life as one big meditation. When I’m standing in a checkout queue, I take a deep breath, look within, observe and allow. When I’m driving and stuck in traffic or waiting at a traffic light, I take a deep breath, look inside and allow all the thoughts and sensations to be there. The more you can become aware of YOU and what’s going on inside, the better life will become because the more present you will become to life. So if you really want to benefit from meditation, stop trying to become peaceful and just start accepting whatever’s there. Once I realised what meditation really was and I allowed myself to surrender, trust and let go. I even started to enjoy my ‘inner’ time. I hope you do too! If you want to learn more about creating more peace within, have a read of Heidi’s book I Should Be Happy But I’m Not or download Heidi’s free meditation from http://heidi.com.au ( OH! MAGAZINE ) FEBRUARY 2016 21