OH! Magazine - Australian Version December 2018 - Page 6

( FITNESS & MOTIVATION ) MICHELLE BRIDGES KEEP CALM AND CHRISTMAS ON! Michelle Bridges shares her technique to staying sane during the silly season (and beyond)! t is SO easy to totally trip over and then trip out, during the craziness that is Christmas – I get it, I’ve been there, and I’m here to say – it is possible to flip the switch, so instead of those overwhelming feelings of crazy, you successfully commit to keeping things calm and carrying on! There are so many emotions built into Christmas, the lead-up to and then the days during and after. How about this for a Christmas carol: ‘We wish you a crisis-free Christmas’? I’m serious! I As humans, we tend to look to our memories of what has been before, and we throw that projection into the future – so if Christmas has previously always been a dissolving of our discipline, and a deep- dive into the dessert menu, we can wind ourselves up with such crisis thinking – projecting our expectations that it will be that way again. The thing is, what you think and what you believe, is what you achieve. So if you believe your past actions are influencing your present thinking – where you project that your Christmas will be a crisis of over- eating and under-exercising – well it frigging will be! BUT if you can take a considered step back, before the Christmas crisis looms up and crashes over you, and instead construct a new projection for yourself, then you set yourself up with a structure for success instead. Here’s how: the time Christmas comes along, you’ve got that habit deeply ingrained. So keep your commitment to regular exercise right through the Christmas period and you’ll keep those excess kilos at bay! Keep calm Keep cooking We all know from the first of January, that the Christmas period will come around again, so we have the whole year to construct a new projection. There’s no need to carry on like a Christmas calamity, know that you CAN do Christmas – so just calmly carry on as you have been doing for the 11 months before it. Keep a Christmas calendar I’m not talking about a Christmas advent calendar, but instead a Christmas functions calendar. Put it somewhere highly visible and add in your chosen Christmas function events. Look at the timings – commit to doing only one Christmas event per week, so you don’t disrupt the balance of healthy to unhealthy, and you’ll keep on an even keel. Keep training From the first of January, you’ve got a whole year to build a training habit; so by Like your training, from the start of the year, you’ve had a whole year to commit to building your cooking habit, and thus controlling the calories, the portion sizes and the nutritional content of what goes in your mouth. As Christmas rolls into view, keep cooking – keep eating the ‘usual’ (healthy, nutritious) food that you have been eating for the last 11 months. Use your Christmas calendar to slot in the ‘sometimes’ food events over the Christmas period, and because it’s only ‘sometimes’ food, it’s not going to cause a crisis. Commit to this structure for success, and you’ll stay in control this Christmas. Stay in control this Christmas and you’ll construct your positive platform to project into the future, keeping Christmases to come, calm. Carry on! CONNECT WITH MICHELLE VIA: Web: michellebridges.com.au Facebook: Mishy.Bridges Twitter: @mishbridges Instagram: @mishbridges 6 OH! MAGAZINE ( DECEMBER 2018 )