OH! Magazine - Australian Version December 2018 - Page 32

( WHAT’S HOT ) MAST CHEW CHEWING GUM ELF ON A SHELF Although its been established that traditional chewing gum doesn’t take seven years to digest, it is true that it can cause a number of gastric issues when swallowed. Moreover, with many supermarket brands opting for synthetic resins, fillers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, gum can contain controversial ingredients, such as butylated hydroxytoluene, titanium dioxide and aspartame, that can be detrimental to the human body. Containing 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients, Mast Chew is Australia’s first locally manufactured plant-based and sugar-free chewing gum made from an ancient Mediterranean gum called pistacia resin. Used for thousands of years to maintain gut health and treat abdominal related issues including heartburn, gastric and intestinal ulcers, pistacia resin is a mastic-like secretion from the pistacia genus of trees, and is combined with xylitol and mint to create a unique yet familiar minty fresh flavour and texture that cleanses the mouth and soothes the stomach. Containing no synthetics, latex, sugars, colours, additives or artificial sweeteners, Mast Chew is easily digested by the body and has been shown to assist in the treatment of stomach ulcers when swallowed. Available in a 16-piece blister pack ($4.50) and 35-piece bottle ($6.95). www.afpishop.com This year, the much anticipated annual return of The Elf on the Shelf ® introduces an exciting and new range of Scout Elf accessories and Claus Couture clothing pieces including Sugar Plum Soldier, Snowy Sugar Plum Duo, Scout Elf Super Hero Girl, Holiday Hawaiian Shirt, Scout Elf Slumber Set, Totally Tubular Snow Set, Scout Elves at Play ® , Elf Pets, and the North Pole Breakfast Party Pack. www.elfontheshelf.com.au SUPPORTING SKINCARE STAPLES BY ENBACCI When it comes to applying a face mask, two of the most common skincare mistakes Aussies make include failure to adequately prep the face prior to a treatment; and failure to soothe and seal the skin following a treatment. Formulated as part of Enbacci’s basics collection, the Supporting Skincare Staples include the Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub ($45), Detoxifying Clay Mask ($44), and Pore Minimiser ($30). Used independently for their respective benefits or part of Enbacci’s three-step masking system, the staples result from years of stem cell science and research in regards to naturally derived ingredients. www.enbacci.com GO MILK THISTLE 50,000 1-A-DAY GO Milk Thistle 50,000 1-A-DAY contains silybum marianum (milk thistle), which supports the health and function of the liver and may support healthy liver detoxification processes. Milk thistle may help to strengthen the liver and has the added benefit of being a powerful antioxidant. Milk thistle has also been traditionally used to promote the regeneration of healthy new liver cells to replace old and damaged ones. Milk thistle has been used in Western herbal medicine to assist with the relief of mild digestive disturbances, such as bloating, and to aid digestion. It also has antioxidant properties, which may help protect the body from free radical damage. GO Healthy products are available at leading pharmacies nationally. gohealthy.com.au 32 OH! MAGAZINE ( DECEMBER 2018 )