OH! Magazine - Australian Version December 2018 - Page 31

WHAT’S HOT Health, fitness, wellness and happiness may well lie on the following pages. Enjoy this month’s rundown of what’s hot and healthy right now. INFINITY MAT BY YOGA DESIGN LAB Yoga Design Lab, known for its uber-colorful yoga mats made from recycled plastic bottles, is now selling products in over 55 countries. Since launching in 2014, it has been shaking up the industry with eye-catching yoga mats and accessories described by Vogue and Refinery29 as ‘stunning works of art’. The Infinity Yoga Mat Collection is a premium non-slip yoga mat that offers superior grip, wet or dry, with a beautiful laser-cut mandala print that helps to align your poses. This easy-to-clean, ethically-sourced natural tree rubber mat is non-toxic and smell-free, while its 5mm thickness ensures maximum cushioning for your knees, spine and joints. Plus, $1 of every purchase goes to support youth yoga programs for boys and girls in need. $88. yogadesignlab.com SPROUTED SEED BREADS BY SPRING WHOLEFOODS Spring Wholefoods was born and bred in Bondi (Sydney) where nourishing and organic food is still handmade fresh every day. Spring Wholefoods helps you cherish the only body you have with the most deliciously nutritious food. Their goal is to nourish as many people as possible with their conscious creations. Check out their unique sprouted seed breads, which are nutrient-dense, and boast no flour, no fillers, are gut-friendly, highly nutritious and handmade with only the finest certified organic ingredients. Every loaf is activated, sprouted, fermented, 100 per cent certified organic, flourless, paleo-friendly, and prebiotic fibre. They also have no starchy fillers like tapioca or rice flour, no protein powders, no gums or eggs used as binders, no preservatives or additives, no gluten, no nuts and are yeast-free. Available in three varietis: Quinoa & Zucchini, Pumpkin & Tumeric, and Banana & Buckwheat. $15 each. springwholefoods.com.au OH! MAGAZINE ( DECEMBER 2018 ) 31