OH! Magazine - Australian Version August 2016 - Page 9

( Men’s Health ) BEYOND THE BEERS: EPISODE 2 Enjoy the second episode of this new video series by Mike Campbell, which is designed to break male stereotypes through meaningful conversations. MIKE CAMPBELL YOU CAN CONTACT MIKE VIA: Web: mikecampbell.com.au Facebook: mikecampbellmancoach Twitter: @mikecampbellmc Instagram: @mikecampbellmc eyond the Beers is a brand new, innovative web series that program founder and man coach Mike Campbell’s Kickstarter campaign has brought to life. Beyond the Beers is all about sharing meaningful conversations between men to help break the stereotypes, and you’ve got a front row seat via these very pages. B In Episode Two of the show Mike chats with 21-year-old Jackson 'Jacko' Auld. Outgoing, engaging, real and funny, Jacko has an incredible past which began with a promising rugby league career – a story he now shares as a motivational speaker. You can watch the short version of Episode Two at https://youtu.be/ZaiQ-ERmEjE or to view the full episode visit www.beyondthebeers.tv You can also stay in touch via twitter and instagram @BeyondTheBeers. Warning: Episodes contain explicit language. https://youtu.be/ZaiQ-ERmEjE AUGUST 2016 (OH! MAGAZINE) 9