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( OH What A Team! ) MEET THE EXPERTS Meet our awesome team of experts, who are all leaders in their field. Michelle Bridges Fitness Expert www.michellebridges.com.au Dr Joanna McMillan Nutrition Expert www.drjoanna.com.au Paul Taylor Health & Wellbeing Expert www.bodybrainperformance.com Pete Evans Recipes www.peteevans.com.au Lar aine Dunn Active Ageing Expert laraine@welldunn.com.au Mike Campbell Men’s Health Expert http://mikecampbell.com.au Justin Tamsett Work/Life Balance Expert www.justintamsett.com Paul Brown Exercise Adherence Expert www.50sports.org Greg Sellar Performance Coaching http://gregsellar.com Nardia Norman Women’s Health Expert http://nardianorman.com Heidi Di Santo Emotional Fitness Expert www.heidi.com.au Phoodie Recipes www.phoodie.com.au Visit www.ohmagazine.com.au/team to find out more about our expert contributors. Toni Krasicki Features & Travel Writer www.tonikrasicki.com.au Meg Gillmer Recipes www.thewholesomeathlete.com AUGUST 2016 (OH! MAGAZINE) 5