OH! Magazine - Australian Version August 2016 - Page 27

TRAIN TO BE SUPER BECOME A BODYWEIGHT ATHLETE Bodyweight Athletes are the epitome of strength, fitness and finesse. They understand that a great workout is way more than just increasing reps and load; they understand how to manipulate workouts to obtain impressive skills and feats of strength like pistol squats, handstand push ups, and human flags. You’ll receive a comprehensive workout plan that tells you exactly what to do, while remaining tailored to your individual skill level through the use of the thorough assessment protocol. And when you attend a live Bodyweight Athlete workshop, you’ll get loads of personal attention to make sure you’re training at the proper progressions for your current level, as well as learning how to maximise your efforts and advance in your daily practice. The Bodyweight Athlete program is powered by Network and delivered by Global Bodyweight Training, which is founded by Mike Fitch – the brains and brawn behind the Animal Flow phenomenon. 1300 493 832 | FITNESSNETWORK.COM.AU/BA POWERED BY